A couple of questions


Chicago Staff
I just thought "Squirrelywrath" was a funny name, I hope I didn't insult you by using it. What is your family name, that I might refer to your appropriately?

Dramthin Hartsboon
Simple Keeper of the Tainted Grove

Here's an idea - you, me, Mariel, and Kalin for the tower. What do you think?


Raleigh Staff
It could work, but I've already told dramthin and arkemeades I'd go with them next market day


Wisconsin Staff
My family name is Desamerre. My full name that you can call me is Bartholomew Desamerre.


I believe it be meanin' his Father o' his Mum was a Desamerre lass.


Wisconsin Staff
I dont know, its what my family goes by, *shrug*.


Mobius said:
The body is but a vessel for the spirit, who cares what it looks like? I never quite understand those who would reject a haphazard Race Change by intentionally shattering their spirit - even were it to be the kind of change which doesn't wear off in a matter weeks, there are plenty of Scrolls out there which could change you back. Both Squirrelywrath and Zanabanath are proof it's an interesting and thought-provoking experience, why not explore such an adventure?

Dramthin Hartsboon
Simple Keeper of the Tainted Grove

Of course it matters what form one takes. My own current shape has become my true one, but it is not what I was born to, nor would it be what I would choose where it not for the accursed Fae that forced me to it. Just as important is the truth that no person not born and raised to an elder race can truly become one of it's own. I pity this Zanabanath for choosing to deprive her family of her wit and support in all the long years she has sacrificed to choose the irresponsible path of a false ork.



Chicago Staff
Elle not choose what she is.... Born Meewee, will be Meewee again soon.... it playful joke of little girl spirit.... it never last long when it Hailey playing games. I not need pity... I still same person, same spirit, same dreams. Elle travel with brother, talk to Papa, have family away from home, in Bart and Jehan. Just cuz I seem like I not smart right now not mean I not smart...

Elle even go and live with High Orc's for few days to learn to be one for short time I be one. Hailey say it only be a short time... she not a lier. I take small race change as major learning experiance... I learn a lot already.

My friends still know Elle is Elle... Elle is just currently very proud fighting horned Meewee in High Orc clothing....