<A cracked, tired voice can be heard faintly>

I hear you.

Hiwa Chulainn Steelclaw.
As do I. We hear you.

Sefid Rayna Satyrsbane
I hear you. How can I help you?

Hiwa Chulainn Steelclaw

Barran Plot

<The same faint volume can be heard>

I am relieved. I do not know how long I can hold my thoughtss here at a time. But I may be able to reply ssporadically. Help iss very needed. The sstorm of magics hass downed all ssircles and compromized our gatess. The dream realm hass been ssilent for uss and many ssince the sstorm. Thiss iss the firsst that I have been able to get through. Nightmaress hunt everywhere, and sstorm remnantss come on at sshort noticse.

We hope for aid, but the exspected messsenger hass not come. All other attemptss of contact have not ssucsseeded. We have great need to reclaim and ssecure an outposst in the Overlandss. Who would be able to assissst uss?

Guildmasster Sshenarti ab Ssun
My name is Hiwa Chulainn Steelclaw and I will come to your aid.

Lanna Rose

Public Relations Committee
Guild Master,

House Tranquility will aid where we can. I know myself, Jadden and Arc will be able to help. I believe some others will be there as well.

Sapharia Tahor'i

Theo Zhounil

A chance to test my skills? I hear you and will bring a few friends with. Nothing fancy.

Black Forest
The Golden Boar marches to your aid. Any further information about what supplies you need or what dangers we may find will be greatly appreciated.

Krir Oddat (Slash)
Grand Army of the Golden Boar

Barran Plot

<The same faint volume can be heard>
...en route to our desstination. Nightmaress and dissrupted magicss are in great abundance. Even the plantss are altered in ssome areas, caussing them to react...negatively. We have not time to catalog them. Food iss ssomehow being afflicted. Sstrange ichorss alsso growing in the drinking...

<the voice fades out and in again>

...but we were able to evade the worsst of the exploding typess. Thosse capable of legerdemain sseem best able to...

<fades out and in>

...neutralized by thosse familiar with potionss. Alchemissts alsso needed for the otherss. Glovess are definitely needed for mosst if not all of the...

<fades out and in>

...ranged attackss advissed to keep the worsst of them at bay sshould we have a chance to reclaim and fortify what buildingss might sstill sstand. But the real crux iss dealing with the sspikess in fear amongsst...

<fades out and in>

...and hope that the Misst will ssee fit to bring you, as there iss no other way to reach uss. Elsse...we will continue on target as failure iss not an option in our misssion.

--Guildmaster Sshenarti ab ...... <the voice is gone>
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*a soft but confident growl is heard*

I am Sefid Rayna Satyrsbane and I am on my way to you, Guildmaster. I do not fear the Apsuudi. I will help you.

Hiwa, I will meet you there. Dooset daaram, brother. Suhane khawab.
I am coming Sefid, you do not stand alone. Hopefully the Mistwalkers will bring me close to you.


Alliance Logistics
If you can, I ask that any able person try to obtain the essences of any Nightmares (lesser and greater). No specific talent needed, just an empty vial after taking one down.
The Blackforest will use this to help develop and create a tool to help in this war.