A Declaration to all in Derrin's Pass

Surion Maedhros

[Trading Post Wall]

June 20, 1018 PVF

To All in Derrin's Pass,

The Laws of the Kingdom of Videa make no mention of race. As King Leonis Videa V has stated in many proclamations, his intent was for his Laws’ protection extends to all people who respect them. The Beastman have not respected these laws, and were justly declared enemies of the state. Within the boundaries of Derrin's Pass, it is declared that the Beastmen of the Outlands are no longer enemies of the state. They are to be afforded the same protections and demands of the Kingdom’s Law as any other visitor.

Outside of Derrin's Pass, Beastmen will remain an enemy of the state. Derrin's Pass is an exception: an experiment spearheaded by this influx of travelers during a new age of exploration through the Mists. New ideas and cultures present an opportunity for change, and another chance for the Beastmen we have warred with for generations to make peace and see reason.

Be aware that the long history between the Kingdom and people of the Outlands has been troubled. Travelers from beyond the Mists influenced the decision to share the Earth Circle and have put forward continued support of this decision. These words will need the backing of action if Derrin's Pass is to have any hope of a lasting, successful relationship with the Beastmen. Sheriff Ellen Lott is to continue serving Derrin's Pass for no less than three years. It is the King’s will that her fate be tied to the success of the tenuous peace that she fostered. Be aware that a Sheriff's authority does not extend to any alteration of this decree, nor the law.

This decree will remain in effect for one year and then be reviewed. Whether it continues past one year will be determined through continuous assessment during the year.

In Service to Humanity and the Crown,
Magistrate Bartholomew Sharzar
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