A Faevor


Warm greetings, Mistwalkers.

It was a pleasure to meet you all, even if some of you were more truthful then others. Even more than our introductions I enjoyed watching you face the challenge I presented to you. You all performed admirably in your fights against the creatures you dubbed “Kevin, “The Cat”, and “The Pink Elf”. It is only fair I reward you for your willingness to help me learn with knowledge of your own.

“Kevin” is in fact an Ooze, of the blue variation. There are many different types of Oozes, which can be differentiated based on their colors and size. The one you faced was one of the weaker varieties.

“The Cat” is in fact a Primal Mountain Lion. Primals come in two main varieties: Living and undead, and can be easily identified by their glowing eyes. This one, again, was a lesser version of a living Primal.

“The Pink Elf'', is a monstrous humanoid commonly known as a “Faeling” by the denizens of Hearthglen. Though they have no relation to true Fae, such as myself. They are known to be imbued with raw magic, both using it offensively and using it to heal themselves.

Well now that I have shown my goodwill and rewarded you with wonderful knowledge, I shall get to the true reason I am dreaming to you all today. I have a proposal for the Adventurer's I think you will all be greatly interested in. I will present my request to any who are interested on the Saturday of your next gathering. Say around lunch time, perhaps? We will see.

In exchange for agreeing to attempt to fulfill my request I will grant your community a Faevor, a powerful thing. For a Fae to break or not fulfill a Faevor is a dangerous thing, indeed. To do so is against the Rules and comes with dire consequences. For this Faevor I will provide you with some amount of information. I will let you determine what you all would like to learn, but I will decide when enough information has been shared to make us even. To show further proof of my goodwill, once you agree to my request I will grant you the information you seek right then, before you even do the task I have presented. But know that if you enter into the Faevor, take my offering, and do not fully attempt the task I put forth to you, you will be in as much violation of the Rules as any Fae would be, and will suffer consequences beyond my control or influence.

I appreciate you all, and look forward to our continued, mutually beneficial partnership. And to those of you who have been seeking me out: Here I am. What may I do for you? I am eager to know. Or we can talk in person on the next Market when I arrive into town if that is your preference.

Until our next meeting,

-Syldra, Bearer of the Mantle of Knowledge-