A formalist in the Making


Raleigh Staff
As my studies continue I find that I am near to the unlocking of many of the secrets of formal magics. While obviously I will be talking to the local Earth Guild to ensure I do not overstep any of my bounds, the Order is in need of a good number of scrolls for various projects. We will be glad to trade fairly in services or coin/valuable goods for any you may have, but such trades may take time as the Order carries with it little wealth as we believe in applying what we have for good works.

Scrolls We are looking for (all Earth or General Aspects)

Expanded Enchantment
Spell Store
Spirit Link

Obviously while we are interested in other legal scrolls, we are most focused on attaining what we need for our first project. Please feel free to contact me publically or privately, if you have any of the above and are willing to consider trade.

Lurin, Leader of the Earthen Fist


Chicago Staff
Guilmaster Lurin Vampire Killer - I don't have any Formal Scrolls, but I'd be more than willing to come with the Earthen Fist when you go trawling for components. That extends to nearly any formalist, I find communities are better served when formalists are rolling in the goods.

Dramthin Hartsboon
Simple Keeper of the Tainted Grove
I would likewise be willing to help in these endeavors. Especially if at some point I might be able to get a formal cast for me. But I will let you know if I am aware of any of these ritual scrolls showing up that I might be able to get for you. Our dealing in components was fair and honest.

- Eldarion -