A hello again


Hello all!

I am making my way to Wayside for the first time in many moons. As such I am curious on what the state of affairs looks like. How are the frost giants doing?It should be fun. I’ll try not to die from willow wisps this time. I look forward to seeing some faces I haven’t seen in awhile. Until then

Fairwinds and following seas,

Duchess Saro of the Crimson Port
Hello Saro!

It is good to hear from you after many moons! Things have certainly changed since you last visited. The Frost Giants are official allies of the Kingdom of Wayside and not only have they helped in ending the War with the Northlunds, but their own personal war has ended as well.

Right now, our biggest concerns have been Victor Hook's undead invasion of the Ternian Empire and the Crow Tribe's destruction of Tribesmen Totems. I look forward to having your help in taking on such lofty endeavors.