A Letter posted throughout Eire and the Bastions


The Following letter is posted throughout Eire and the Bastions at every Tavern, Inn, Waystop and any other place available.

To the citizens of Eire,

It is important for you to know that the Bastion of North Fortress is under siege. It has been since September. They have received no aid or support from the nation of Eire. The Paladinic Council, who represent and advise the queen have refused to aid these citizens of Eire who are being destroyed, Root and Branch, by enemies of Eire. And yet they will not help. They refused.

If our nobles will not protect the people who have sworn fealty to them, they have broken their promise to us. They have failed the people they are sworn to protect. I, for one, believe that they are horribly, horribly wrong in this. On so many levels.

I and my friends go to aid my fellows. The Dwarves, the Hastir Volg, the Rom who called North Fortress home. We will need help…..
The enemies who attack us are called the Horde Wall. A force of Dwarves who once protected North Fortress. They long ago became corrupted and cursed. They were offered redemption, a cure for their curse. Instead, they have chosen to remain cursed. They deserve no quarter. No mercy… They will get none from me.

I believe that the Horde Wall were not alone in their attack on the bastion. I and other adventurers went there shortly after the disastrous earthquake that signaled the start of the siege. As we arrived through the portal, another group of people were rifting away from the scene of the disaster. I believe that those rifting were allies of the Horde Wall. Thelucians who were seeking some magic in the tunnels below North Fortress. These Thelucians are just as responsible for the destruction as the Horde Wall. I believe that they aided the Horde Wall in bringing about the earthquake. We were sent to North Fortress to by the Thelucians to gather some item for the great spell they were working on. While we were there, fighting for our lives, the Thelucians stole a major artifact, the Forge of Essences, to further their own plans. Deception upon deception. If they managed to destroy North Fortress, and the brave adventurers who went there on their behalf, so much the better. The creatures we encountered below North Fortress, who were literally eating away at its foundations were constructs and elementally enhanced creatures. Further proof of the Thelucian involvement in this attack.

If you believe that Eire’s citizens should not be left defenseless by its royalty and chosen protectors, I ask that you aid me and mine in providing aid and freeing the people of North Fortress from their attackers. I vow to wage war on them… To ensure that they will threaten no one ever again.

I swear this on Stone, on Ice, on Lightning, and on Fire.

Duorn Bronzebeard
Mage and Scribe of the Griffon Guard

So sworn on the OathRing

Ivar Forkbeard
Elder of Clan Deepdelver
Master Smith
Master Potion maker


OOG: for any who are interested in joining us.... Please send me a Message by Private Courier ( deadlandsagm at gmail dot com)
Right there with you bearedmens!

North Fortress is the home of the mouth destroying stag of flame. Everyone knows that! How can we let such a fine cuisine descend into them spidery abysses? That was a rhetorical question. WE CAN'T is the answer.

And maybe now some of you all understand why I chose to deprive a certain young lady of her hat?

See you in the snow!

Jonathan er...Tailbeard