A letter to adventurers


Chief Technology Officer
South Michigan Staff

His Majesty has tasked me with looking into something strange happening in Whitford. There have been several deaths of people who have a political nature. I don't think these will be the last of them.

After reporting to his majesty king Lycergis, he has asked that I launch a larger investigation.

As you may know. Whitford was given a right to establish a local government sanctioned by the kingdom. Dragonreach doesn't have a large amount of landed nobles in Eastlands, there are none in Springdale. But, law touches all of Dragonreach, and the function of government is the function of law. He has granted Whitford the right to choose it's own Mayor until such time that a noble house can be granted the land.

A large group candidates emerged each vying for position. However the list grows shorter day by day. Candidates keep succumbing to mysterious circumstances.

I believe it is murder by a single political rival. I believe the person arranging these circumstance is one of the 3 front runners.

The situation also appears like it will continue to progress.

I can share more information with you when you get here.

I know all of you had spent some time in the mines. Whitford isn't very far from the mines.

The miners have been able to block off those tunnels for now and continue mining.

However, we've had a big problem with the green dead, they're everywhere.

We've also had some elemental battles break out a ways outside town. Generally I understand it best to not let those things sit.

This is a large undertaking and I fear I'm not a very good investigator. I know King Lycergis has used you in the past to help solve problems. I hope you can all help me here.

So I'd like to formally invite you all to Whitford to assist me in my investigation. I can meet with you early in the morning on April 21st and hopefully you can provide me with enough assistance to stop what's happening.

Thank you in advance,
Squire Matthew Callighan