A Message From Foreman Oliver


Wisconsin Staff
Posted inside the Tavern:

Hey everyone, with the drastic change of plans on things since the travel from Bastion went wrong, new plans need to be made. Currently we have been able to make a number of buildings to help the town, and I know some people have plans for the future already in mind. That being said, I need to know what me and my people should be working on. Currently about half my people are living in tents and it is getting colder out. Also, we were able to build storage areas to hold our supplies, but the defenses of the town are at a bare minimum.

Without the Ambassador around, we lack the original leadership that was planned for the expedition. That being said, I need someone to let us know exactly what needs to be built next, so I can get my people working on it soon. Currently I have 58 laborers ready and willing to work.

Foreman Oliver

(OOG: ONE person needs to add on to their IBGA what directions are being given to Foreman Oliver and the Labor force. This does not take up your IBGA)