A New Discovery


Thanks to the bravery of Captain Amos Gromley and his crew, Kalinthas has made contact with another island known as ‘Kundirk’.

To validate this claim, Captain Gromley has returned with an astrological map with instructions on how to return, as well as 5 volunteers from the island of Kundirk itself.

It should be stated that although this is an exciting time, travelers to Kundirk should proceed with great caution. Their port town of Sinsea has been annexed by the adventures, and a sahaugine was put in place as the new mayor.

My deepest respects go out to all of the families that lost a loved one due to the storm’s ferocity. To commemorate their sacrifice, I will be working with The Council and the community to provide relief for the families affected thus far.

Like my father before me,
Coturn Pavalo III
Head Councilman and Archon of the Isles