A New Law Passed


To all Kalinthas residents and visiting adventurers,

At the top of the 12th hour on Thursday, a vote was cast at the latest council meeting regarding a new law of Kalinthas. The law was passed (5.5 votes For, 1 vote Against) that unsealing and/or entering any ancient ruins (Hereforth called "The Armanthian Ruins") is now illegal unless given a council certified Delver’s Writ.

The decision was made due to the unknown nature of what lies inside each Armanthian ruin, and to aide in preventing future catastrophes of the Isles, similar to the disaster on Convaeli a year ago.

Guards will be stationed at Armanthian ruins known to be nearby large populations of people, and the Governors of each island will be working with the Protectors and Lord Protectors to update the patrol paths accordingly.

Any person or persons knowingly entering and/or unsealing an Armanthian Ruin without permission is subject to a minimum 1 gold fine. This punishment may be increased up to and including one resurrection, depending on damages caused. This crime may be tried by a Lord Protector or higher on their own island.

We appreciate all of your continued support in the protection of the Isles.

Like My Father Before Me,
Coturn Pavalo III
Head Councilman and Archon of the Isles