A note is posted is the Valbrough tavern:


To all those who read this message and are looking for work, I would request your assistance in Sinsea in 9 days time. We've lost many people over the past few months as sea creatures have attacked our shores. I'm afraid our former city-state has been dwindled down to nothing but a small village with a port. When you are ready, activate the Waymaker Stone to Sinsea. It's but a 5 minute walk from there. I will of course make sure that you are paid for your efforts, and any spoils you may find along the way are yours.
Roland LaVey


*a small note affixed to the bottom of this message*

To -AS -V

I'm going to Sinsea for the work. I'm certain I'll need your help. If you read this please join me. Bring T if he is with you.



*a small piece of flesh is nailed close to the bottom of the post with the letter T on a note on top of it*
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