A Peech Knight brought down

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
Cinderfel Update:

Lots of excitement on the island of Cinderfel this past weekend.

First there was a powerful group of adventurers that were pulled in with the power of the Rack. The Rack was getting skinned by the crazy Peech Knight known as Charity. With the help of Squire Duorn, Sir Heresy and his wife, Ukzwe, the legendary Gebo and crew, and the Hunt's Tobias, the Rack was able to get away. Upon escaping, the adventurers completed fairly interesting tasks such as eradicating Ratroaches from a basement. Bringing down a swarm of hostile gargoyles and dispatching trolls that were using the local kobolds to do their dirty work.

Rumor of a beast of Mer making an appearance and getting into a heated debate with Squire Dourn is circulating, but there are no confirmations. After being chased through the afternoon, the Peech Knight Charity showed up and tried to corner but got cornered hard by Gebo and Tobias while the rest dispatched the Sporehounds.

Tobias reached in and removed the corrupted gem of the knight and replaced it with a newly made gem of Charity. This led the body to dissipate into a circle of mushrooms. The Rack gave the adventurers random treasure as an attempt at learning charity, but failed. They were then sent through the mists home.

The second day saw the Carnegie visit the Blood Gravel Mountains and Savario hills. It was seen floating through the clouds back and forth, finally stopping in the mountains and getting wrapped in a swirl of shadow. Eventually it then drifted south, rumor has it that the broken Grand Terra Stone was letting undead into the island of Unmei. A group was seen fighting back the undead and some weird ghoul knights wrapped in odd metals. Then as the sun was setting, the Ogre who was tasked with fixing the stone, reported it as broken, yet working thanks to a group called Seekers. The ogres have reached out to research this new power.