A playful voice of a little girl


Chicago Staff
~He comes to tempt the children with his pretty, shiny toys,

He comes to prey upon the greed of little girls and boys.

He comes for naughty children, those who cheat and steal and lie,

He comes to take them far away where no one hears them cry.

So don't allow the wooden man to catch you unawares,

Do not touch the wooden man, nor take the gifts he bears.

If you see the wooden man, take not his gifts to you,

For when he comes to take them back he might just take you, too.~

- A playful voice of a little girl
Across the veil of mysts, the lilting voice echoes in Adlao's heart. She pivots her view, searching for the source; only black darkness and bleak banks of grays remain. Her own dreaming fears coalesce into a wicker specter that rushes her.

Adlao gasps awake startled, the familiar vaulted ceiling of cozy orphanage greeting her eyes. Settling her breath, she climbs out of bed, lantern in hand and her flowing nightgown and veils trailing behind her as she quickens her step down the corridor to the Children's Hall. She peaks in, and sees that they are still fast asleep, all 19 of them, counting them one by one lovingly.

She quietly moves an old dining chair near the hall door, and sets a broom of sturdy oak next to it, ready to keep vigil that during the late hours. Tomorrow's lesson will be about dealing with strangers and staying aware of your surroundings. I need to ask old man Franz to cast a Ward and enhance it with that Extend Battlemagic Duration scroll I have tucked away, she thinks to herself. Even as she dozes off, her grip is tight over the silver handle of the oaken broom.