A Primer on uses for Goblin Stamps


Goblin Stamps (GS) or Goblin Points are our currency for rewarding players for helping the local game. Goblin stamps can be earned lots of ways including volunteer labor, providing requested donations of props, working as staff, rewarded for donations of cash, and more. Goblin stamps are chapter specific rewards, and GS are accumulated separately for each chapter. You can see your GS totals in the CMA.

So you've earned some goblin stamps. Now what can you do with them?
  • Full protectives - 40 Goblin stamps. This purchase grants an endow, weapon shield, elemental shield, poison shield, and your choice of a spell shield or reflect spell at the start of an event.
  • Recharge a spell store - 50 Goblin stamps for 10 levels of spell store. Spells may be split between different items and schools. This may only be purchased once per weekend.
  • Production or coins - max spend of 50 per logistics period of event - 1 production per goblin point, see player's guide for details.
  • LCO Component for spellcrafting - 50 Goblin stamps. These components can only be used for spellcrafting at logistics.
  • Full Spellbook - 500 Goblin stamps per spellbook. This allows a player to purchase a full Celestial or Earth Full spellbook.
  • Full Alchemy Book - 250 Goblin stamps per book. This allows the purchase of a full alchemy book. Any illegal recipes in your chapter would not be added.
  • Tagged Roleplay Items - 1 Goblin stamps per 1 copper ( This allows you to purchase roleplay items listed on Page 59 of the Alliance Player's Guide; Horse, Boat, house, etc)
  • Buy Back Resurrection - 40/80/160/etc - doubles each purchase, see rulebook for details. Note you can't buy back your first 2 deaths.
  • Blanket an event you did not PC - 30 per logistics period of event. Gain XP as if your PC attended an event within the past 3 months.
  • Goblin Blanket - 30 - once per month, you can get an extra experience blanket. A character can only receive 12 of these per year from their home chapter. You can only request up to 3 months prior.
  • Skill sell back - 60 - once per month, you can get 1 rank of 1 skill refunded

So now that you know what you can do, how do you do it?

Purchased through the CMA:
  • Skill Sell back - go to the skill on your character sheet, and there will be a link to click.
  • Goblin Blanket - go to your character sheet, and if you can blanket there will be a link. You can buy one per month per chapter. A character can only receive one per month. Can be set up to be automatically bought in the CMA.
  • Blanket an Event - go to main page of the CMA, and choose an event from "Events Eligible for Buyback" where you have goblin stamps at the chapter

Contact your local chapter logistics by email (links are in the chapter page in the CMA):
  • Buy Back Resurrection

Contact your local chapter logistics as part of preregistration for an event (or by email):
  • Full Protectives
  • Recharge Spell Store
  • Production or coins
  • LCO Component for spellcrafting
  • Full Spellbook
  • Full Alchemy Book
  • Tagged RP item

All of the information in this post comes from other sources. When in doubt, trust the info in the rulebook, player's guide, and in official announcement posts over this post. Of particular note, the Player's Guide has a section on goblin stamp usage as does https://alliancelarp.com/forum/threads/additional-uses-for-goblin-stamps.37918/
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