A slight against our friend

Honorable Adventurers,

Over the past few years, the adventurers of Erabella have made numerous relationships with the people of this land and the nobles that serve them. One of the most steadfast and precious of these relationships has been with Count Ferrant and his daughter Serena Ferrant. Both have been our staunch allies and helped the adventurers many times, just as we ensured the safety of Serena when she was taken and held captive by vampires. It is my opinion that no other noble family has been such a close ally to us as the Ferrants.

I'm sure you can imagine my anger when this past weekend I learned that slanderous rumors have been spreading regarding the Ferrants. These rumors would have us believe that Count Ferrant is selling his daughters hand in marriage to the highest bidder. This has caused Serena to receive undue and unwanted attention from those who would fashion themselves her suitor. These rumors started too suddenly and spread far too quickly for it to be mere coincidence.

Serena has previously struggled with nightmares and visions of her time kidnapped by vampires. I have done my best to assist her recovery in every way possible including my Biata mental abilities. It is no small feat for someone to go through such ordeals and become all the stronger for having gone through them. It is a testament to the strength of Serena's character to have done so and I will not stand by while she is belittled and attacked in such a manner.

It is my intention to quell these baseless rumors and find their source. I will search and fight alone if necessary, but I hope that the adventuring community will come together to aid our allies in a time of need. I will not ask that you drop everything that you are doing for this, but if you find yourself without a task in the coming months I ask that you consider lending your aid to this task. I will act as a coordinator for our efforts so that we may be as efficient as possible. Please let me know if you are able to help and I will make sure your talents are utilized appropriately.

While perhaps not as exciting as fending off horrible monsters or exploring magical vaults, this task is well suited to our talents. This is just one more way for us to give back to our friends and allies. This is the time for us to show how we treat those who would threaten and blackmail our allies. Please lend me your aid if you are able.

Zenia Mallowbrooks
Viscountess to Earl De'Were

(OOG note: if you would like to use your ibga action to help with this, all you need to do put in your IBGA action that you would like to help Zenia look into these rumors. You can be as specific as you like in your description so long as it makes sense for your character to do so but you can also leave it vague as well. If you want help figuring out the phrasing of your ibga or even if you want to do something else but need help figuring it out, feel free to send me a message on the forums, Facebook or discord and I'd be happy to help you. IBGAs are a great way to flesh out your character by seeing what they do in their downtime, so try it out if you're up for it!

Julia Stewart)
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Jeremy M.

Viscountess Zenia,
It is abominable that anyone should stoop so low as to thus insult a lady who has already suffered so much. I am engaged with the defense of the undead, according to Elros' Plan, and so I am afraid I cannot help in this matter. Yet, I will speak to those whom I know so that they may lend their aid, and I will exalt this lady's cause among those I protect.

"For want of me, the world shall not fail:
When all is done, the lie shall rot;
The truth is great, and shall prevail,
If we endeavor thus, or not."

Those who love truth will prevail with her, and so let us strive to love her. You do what is right in this, Zenia, and so be encouraged.
~Nikephorus Goldcrest.



I am assisting others at this time but will assist next market or in my time between the next two if still necessary. I truly hope it will not be needed at that time still.

Roan (apparently)

Jeremy M.

Viscountess Zenia,
I have spoken with my friend Patch, and she desires to help you with this matter! Though she is new to the human lands and its intrigues, she is sharp and clever, winsome and often-underestimated. She can be relied upon to be in unexpected places, and think unexpected thoughts. In addition, she is no sluggard in combat. She loves justice, and I am confident in her.
~Nikephorus Goldcrest