~A solemn voice through the Dreaming~


Seattle Staff
<The following voice is grave>

To those who were unable to join us in Elara, I have news to provide you with. I will attempt to keep it as factual as possible.

Elara, the Ebon Jungle, has been taken by the Savage Legion. The populace of Elara has been utterly decimated by an attack that we were unable to prevent. As a result, we estimate that as many as ninety-five percent of their population is now permanently dead.

Some of the survivors are currently heading to the Ceriopolis. Most of them were rescued by one of the Elaran elders, and their status is unknown to me.

The flow of life energy from the desert to Elara has been ceased. It is not confirmed how long it will take for the balance to be corrected, but at least the plains will be restored in time.

It has been confirmed that the Silkleaf Dryad King, who is believed to be "sick" in some way, is controlling the dwarves of the Silkleaf by subjugating them with Euphorias. We collected seeds in Elara that is believed to be able to somehow heal the land, which is believed to be the key to healing the King.

Others are invited to report information that was also confirmed.

Dominus of the House of Pain and Purity.