A War Is Coming...

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Ruki walks into the Ogre's Head after another less than exciting night. He grabs a drink and then starts scribbling down some notes on some parchment. After finishing his drink and his note, he posts it on the board and heads out for the night. It reads...

December 15th!

Prizes! Pride! Pfun!

Bring your coin and your poker face! Ruki Lanark will be hosting a modified version of the classic 'War' card game! A Tournament Of Champions, if you will.

-You will be given 3 cards (randomly dealt to you) and 3 tokens. The cards represent your soldiers and the tokens your morale (You can only handle 3 losses before your soldiers lose faith in you as a leader and leave)

-You may then challenge anyone else playing the game. This must be done in front of the official War Judge (Ruki). You both select one card and play... the highest card wins. After playing a card (whether win, lose, or draw), it is expended and you must return it and a token (if you lost) to the War Judge.

-Before the cards are played, any player can call for aid. Any other player currently still active in the tournament has 10 seconds to answer their call to arms. Then the battle commences (teams total up their card value) as normal.

-Don't like your army? You can hire mercenaries (draw an extra card). The first one is 1 copper, then 2, then 4, etc...

-2 silver to play. Winner gets 80% of the pot, runner up 10%

Make allies, crush your enemies, and be victorious!"
Not open for further replies.