A Weathered Crew's Thanks


South Michigan Staff
Thanks to our mutual friends, the weather was in our favor after we made it through the maelstrom and were able to arrive at Popolos' Newharbor Port this morning, as opposed to another half a day of travel.

Thanks to the merchants for supporting our first endeavor to and from Kundirk. Without you we would be unable to fund our newest venture.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to the adventurers that took up this task. The Order of the Emerald Flame, Captain Saro, Blue, and everyone else I may have missed, your skills in martial, medical, and political prowess were instrumental in our journey being a safe one.

Be it back to Kundirk, another isle of Kalinthas, or settling down here on Popolos, may your sails be full wherever you travel next.

Captain Audrel Faske and the crew of The Golden Snail


Captain Faske,

I think I speak for the adventuring community (which is always a risky thing to claim) that it was a great honor to serve on your boat. I apologize we never got to talking old tales of the sea, but should our paths cross again, lets splice the mainbrace. I have a tale or two you might find interesting.

We may have different views on how to captain a ship, but even without a traditional sense of headwear, you lead with confidence and a kind heart. But if you do reconsider your headwear choices, I do have an extra captains hat, and I do know a few dealers of such.

As always

Fair winds and Following Seas,

Captain Saro