A Whisper Through the Mirrors...


Chicago Staff
A whisper, a plea, comes through all mirrors in the land as Mary the Pure can be seen with hopeful eyes.

As the Plane of Order is helping me strengthen the ways to the Plane of Mirrors, I beg that all adventurers prepare to come and help me fix my home. I beg all the Boon Holders to come and witness. I beg all that can to fight the evil that is my other self, so my people can be free of her tyranny.

On the coming Friday when the veil is thin, meet me at the mirror in the Flaming Skull so we may transport you to this plane. This night I shall have all ready to help with your fight. I hope upon hope that all will safely make it and that we will be victorious.

Her image fades away from the mirrors as maniacal laughter is heard coming from them before they go dark showing no reflection and dripping blood.


Chicago Staff
Order Shardlings appear before many of the mirrors which seem to have made this plea, they speak to those with adventuring spirits only.

"Planar stability has been threatened, Order will guide, Adventurers will Fight, Victory will be"