Acceptable Channeling Sources?


I know that channeling sources of course have specific size requirements. On the other hand, do sources ever get rejected because they do not fit the site's idea of what sources should look like? For example, I am wanting to use a selenite "skyscraper" crystal as an ice source and a beaded bracelet as a lightning source. I know these aren't classic examples of arcane foci, so I was wondering about other people's thoughts.


Assuming they’re within the size guidelines in the ARB, I’d have no issue with either. I’ve also never heard of an ARB-legal prop being denied for thematic reasons and would probably make a National complaint if I had.

That opens a door to players being denied the right to use a boffer-sword in a chapter that wants to push for 100% latex weapons, as an example, or rejecting players who cut up a t-shirt because they can’t afford a $40 tunic.


Honestly, as long as they meet the size requirements and are safe to have around combat I'd be surprised if they were rejected. I can't speak to other chapters, but there isn't hard rules on what they need to look like -- so as long as it does meet the hard rules (size & safety) and its probably fine. If it looks very out of genre I might encourage you to find a better physrep (ie, please don't use a cellphone as a source).

A quick google of the selenite crystal and that looks like a potentially great ice source physrep.

Its my interpretation that the source rules are intentionally very open to let you do what you feel is fun or cool for the character. If you want to embroider your character's person symbol on to something, and use that as a source - go for it. If you want to have an obvious magic crystal ball - go for it. If you want to be a "healer" with a chaos source that is a skull, go for it. If you want to have a magic talisman on a necklace - go for it.

The other vaguely relevant rule is that an item can't be tagged as two things. For example you can't use a weapon as a source (except that high magic that lets you use a staff) and a weapon. So you could have a dagger physrep that acts as a source, but you couldn't put a weapon tag on it and you couldn't use it as a weapon -- and if it was hit while you had it in hand, it'd count as hitting you. (And I'd probably encourage you to not use a dagger physrep as a source just to avoid confusion.)


I would also be careful about the bracelet. The rules require the source be held in your hand, not just on/near it. Depending on how it is built, this may be inconvenient/impossible (big hoop that you can shake down from your forearm into your hand- cool; tight clasp that would require removal with the other hand while juggling packed- awkward!).


Oh, well I don't plan on really wearing the bracelet. It's almost just like a small loop of prayer beads (minus any religious iconography) with wooden cubic beads. I'm just going to hold it or loop it around my palm while I'm using it.