ADL November 2021 Event Information


Denver Staff
ADL November 2021 Event Information
(Make sure to check back as this information will update/change)​

This is it! The Mini-Series finale that we have all been waiting for.
Will storylines get completed?
Perhaps there will be some cliffhangers and it will ALL open new questions and great roleplay.
No matter what, we promise an immersive, theatrical style game that is worthy of our first season ender!

Thank you for riding this adventure with us, we couldn’t have done it without you!!​


Friday 4:00 pm - PCs and NPCs allowed on site
Friday 5:00 pm - Logistics Opens in the Tavern
Friday 8:00 pm - Logistics Ends
Friday 8:00 pm - Opening Announcements in the tavern
Friday 8:30 pm - New/Traveling Player Tour and Orientation
Friday 9:00 pm - Game Layon
Saturday 6:00 pm - Skill Reset
Sunday - Noon - Game Lay off

To Register in the CMA:,
To Pay for the Event/Tavern:

Site Information

Site Address:
JCC Ranch Camp
21441 North Elbert Road
Elbert, CO 80106​

The gate to the property will be closed. Open it, enter, and close it immediately behind you. There are animals on the property that we don't want to escape.

Do not speed on the dirt roads coming into the site. There will be animals and other people wandering the site, be mindful of loud music and weather conditions.

Check In Process

  • Location - In order to accommodate COVID restrictions, ADL is going to move our check in stations/logistics to the rear of the tavern (from 5pm-8:00pm Friday). Late arrivals - Come to NPC camp, knock on the door and request one of the staff, we will help you check in.
  • Thermometers - As an added layer of protection, the first check in station will include checking everyone’s temperature. If you are running a fever, you unfortunately will not be able to attend the event. If you are not feeling well, or fear that you may have been exposed, please, PLEASE stay at home, get some rest and ADL hopes that you feel better soon.


  • Cabins - Please decorate your cabins as you see fit! Do not leave holes in the walls or have any open flames. But make it your home for the weekend, just make sure you keep other people’s joy in mind. Don’t be offensive or cover someone else's bunk without permission.
  • Heat - The cabins all have heat in them, sometimes it can be a little too warm. Work with your cabin mates to make sure things are comfortable. All the heat comes from underneath one or more wardrobes. Hint: At night, it is a good place to place your boots so they can dry by morning.
  • Plastic Bags - Consider bringing plastic grocery bags to wrap your feet in. It will allow your boots to get wet and your feet to remain dry. It is an ugly little thing to have wet and cold feet, solve one of those issues if you can.
  • Parking - Parking is past the player cabins, next to the soccer field. Late arrivals please park at logistics if you arrive after 8 pm and come directly to Logistics. Please have cars parked by 9 pm Friday night, if needed, you can take the back road into the parking area by the soccer field.
  • Event End - We will be calling the game at noon on Sunday. We HIGHLY encourage everyone to attend Closing Announcements at that time, before preparing to clean up and leave the site.
  • Smoking - There is no smoking in the cabins or on the porches, vape or otherwise. All smoking, this includes vaping, should be done in the parking lot, please bring items to place your butts in, do NOT cause us to lose the site due to cigarette litter.
  • Site Exploration - The site we are getting to enjoy is massive! Seriously. It is very large. ADL truly wants you to go and enjoy every acre of it. However, if you are going to go off on a serious hike or just for a walk through the woods, we are going to ask that you come to NPC Camp and inform us and encourage such treks to be enjoyed with friends or teammates. Who knows…. You might even find a random encounter or bit of treasure that ADL can neither confirm nor deny will be seeded in the woods!
  • Rhino-hiding/Machine Gunning/Cheating - We hate to have to say these things, however they are better said now than later. The first event we allowed items to slide that we all saw and didn’t say anything. Hits going unnoticed, swinging too hard and too fast, saying something was on the card that wasn’t there and wasn't reported to Logistics. This event we will be politely asking for verification of items/formals, etc. We are not doing this to be rude, we just want to make sure everyone is having a fair and enjoyable time within the rules of the game. Thank you for doing your part.
  • Items usage - There might be things in the game that destroy your weapons in some way. Swords, shields, etc. It might be a shatter, acid or massive strikes. When that happens, be prepared to hand over your weapon/item tags at the end of the battle.
  • Physical Contact - No sharing food, drink, tents, or bunks.
    • Treasure Drop - In an effort to minimize contact, ADL will be instituting an end of mod and end of major combat treasure drop distribution system. ADL Marshalls and Module Moderators will be instructed to remind players how and why this is being done. If you wish to search an NPC for treasure (and you are highly encouraged to do so!) please do not touch the NPC. Just simply state, “I search you”. The NPC will be instructed to respond as follows;
      • If there is nothing to find then they will respond with, “You find nothing”.
      • If there IS something to be found, and it is during a module or large wave battle, then they will respond with, “Loot Bag”. This is to indicate that treasure has been found and will be presented, en masse, at the conclusion of the battle.
      • If there IS something to be found, and this is an individual/random NPC, then they will respond with, “Found”. The NPC will then politely place what is found on the ground at their feet for you to recover without coming into contact with the NPC.
    • Touch Casting - In our continued effort to minimize all physical contact, we are encouraging players to modify touch casting as follows. Please approach within one foot of the intended target and then instead of touching them with a packet/vial, just simply call aloud the target's name or descriptor and then the effect. Note that the packet/vial must still be in hand and ready to be used.
    • Physical Roleplay - Until such time as it is safer to do so, we are encouraging players to suspend all physical roleplay. It may still take place in game. ADL would just encourage players to describe the action instead or negotiate that narrative together

  • Major Safety Concerns - Our site is 380 acres of pristine, private land in the middle of the Black Forest at 7,000 feet in elevation. While that provides us with some amazing views, it also can be an adjustment physically. Below are a few of the things to watch for while enjoying the ADL event;
  • Altitude Sickness - This is physical distress from a difficulty adjusting to lower oxygen pressure at higher altitude. Symptoms to watch out for include headache, nausea, fatigue, and shortness of breath. Drink. Water. A lot.
  • Dehydration - This issue is made worse at higher altitudes as a result of dryer and colder air absorbing more moisture from the body when in the lungs. Symptoms to look for are lack of appetite, nausea/vomiting, dizziness, and sleepiness. Drink. Water. A lot.
  • Hypothermia- Signs: Shivering, Slurred speech or mumbling, Slow, shallow breathing, Weak pulse, Clumsiness or lack of coordination, Drowsiness or very low energy, Confusion or memory loss, Loss of consciousness, Bright red, cold skin (in infants)


NPC camp will be instituting a new system that we saw at Nationals and it worked very well.

There will be a light that can be seen from the back porch of the tavern, if the light is:
Green: Approach and knock on the door. We have time to speak with you
Yellow: Approach with caution, we might be low on NPCs or busy on an issue so our time will be limited
Red: Do not approach. We are busy and can not field questions
Off: Y’all will probably already be in bed. But if it’s off then all of us have finally gone to bed.​


  • Masks - These are not mandatory but encouraged to be worn. The state and or site guidelines are subject to change, but at present, masks are not required. For comfort or safety, if you wish to wear a mask, they will be considered out of game.
  • Hand Sanitizer - ADL has provided hand sanitizer in every communal space on the site (i.e. the tavern, the bathhouse, the library, the cabins, and NPC camp.) All participants are encouraged to use them liberally.

ADL Contact Information

Plot/Character History:
Player Coordinator:


Cooking on porches of cabins
  • Yes, you may cook on the cabin porches. Please put down a rug/towels/tarp, etc to avoid getting oil and grease on the porch. You may not use any device with an open flame.

  • Parking is past the player cabins. Late arrivals please park at logistics if you arrive after 8 pm.
  • Please have cars parked by 9 pm Friday night, if needed, you can take the back road into the parking area by the soccer field.

  • There are modern restrooms and showers located in the cabin area of PC housing.
  • Please make sure to give a thank you to Jacqueline (NPC) for setting up the baskets in the restrooms, they are free to use and should help everyone at events. If you would like to make donations for her to add to the baskets, reach out to her and she’ll be more than happy to accommodate.

Membership Fees

  • Starting in January of 2022, the membership fee will be for the calendar year. The cost is $25/year. This is a one-time payment that can be paid with your first event costs.

Production Workshops
  • Due to all that has happened with the closing of the old shard, ADL will be allowing workshops to be stationary in Denver. 1) You have to come to us (Before the end of Nov 2021) where the workshop will be located in the new shard. 2) It will be an ADL-only shop and cannot be transferred to another chapter.

Cabin Assignments

  • Have been put out. Please keep an eye on the forums and Discord for this information. Make sure you identify who you want to be in a cabin with on your Pre-registration form so that logistics can place groups that are together. Sometimes not all requests can be met, but we can get close enough. (Please put people's names instead of names of groups, because many times we don’t know a groups name or, you are the only one of that group attending and we will put you in a random cabin)

Are you another Alliance Owner?
  • All owners (up to two per chapter) play ADL for free, always.

  • Yes! We will be doing IBGAs during the downtime, You and/or your team will have over a month to turn them in, the deadline will not be until December 17, 2021 at 11:59pm. PLEASE make sure you do these, our plot team/character background staff really enjoy these and with the upcoming season we will be doing more with the living world of the Realm of Nydabeth.

Thank you all again and again! This 2021 season was a roaring success and allowed us to have immense pride in all of you and what this chapter has accomplished.

You are truly a group of people worth bragging about!

Have a wonderful break! See you all in 2022

Suzanne & Will

and ALL of the Alliance Denver Staff!​