ADL Pre-Registration Explanation


Denver Staff
Please remember for the Sept 10-12, 2021 event, you will NOT be allowed to attend the event
if you do not have your pre-registration in by the Sept 7, 2021 deadline.

Click here for the announcement on the August 14, 2021 for more details

ADL Pre-registration
We have seen a lot of confusion about pre-registration and what it means,
so we wanted to put out a letter that explains it for Alliance Denver players and other Alliance players attending our games.

Registration Directions and Link:

  1. Pre-registration allows the staff/plot to prepare for you to attend our events.
  • Staff/Logistics - It allows the team to put you in a cabin, create your logistical envelope and get your times printed in advance
  • Staff/Kitchen - The Tavern staff can prepare the menu for dietary needs and to get a good count for food prep
  • Plot - Allows for proper monster stats to be done as well as blue cards, treasure planning, and module writing

  1. You do NOT have to pre-pay for an event when you pre-register. Paying should be done by the Pre-registration deadline unless you speak with logistics about paying AT the event.

  1. When you pre-register, your character will still receive the updates from events, added blankets, etc. ADL will not be printing out character cards until the Wednesday prior to the event, to give everyone the opportunity to spend their build from events they are blanketing.

If you have any questions, please reach out to