ADL Private Module 2022

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Denver Staff
Alliance Denver LARP has a relationship with many of our other chapters and has been watching
Alliance Chicago with their Private Module Series.
After seeing the success we are going to try it for the 2022/2023 seasons.

ADL Private Mod Days are available for booking!

A private mod day is a unique event, which is organized by you!

All modules will be listed in the forums for accountability and available via the CMA for goblin stamp purchase and for secondary character purchase as well.
They will count as one day for all purposes, experience, treasure, etc...

The typical format will be 4 hours total: 2-hour combat/puzzle mod, 1 hour of ritual casting/general RP plus 1 hour of time with an NPC of the group's choice (plot reserves the right to modify this but will take requests as able).​

* This would be great for a group who wants to do a dinner party and would like to have plot involvement, or have a birthday party and would like to do it IG.
* Perhaps you need to do something things between events and need to see the interaction of a PC or NPC
* The sky is the limit!

The cost for a Private Module Day is a set rate of $240/total for 8-12 PCs- all PCs must prepay for the event to be booked. A group leader should contact plot to book the event and further details will be worked from there.

Additional PCs beyond the 12 are accepted however pay $25 each and must be invited by the host.

Contact Plot via email: directly to book one of these.

NPCs pay no cost for these events.
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