Adventurers return home

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The room lights up with a flash as Jinn emerges from the portal. He walks with a brisk pace out of the room and into the commons looking around for his friends. Deciding that he may as well kill two birds with one stone he heads into the tavern. Anyone he passes can tell that his face is lined with exhaustion and worry

"2 of your strongest drinks please, it been a few days"

The bartender nods and pours him some mead. Jinn downs the first glass in one go, takes up the other mug, and finds a chair by the fire to collapse in. With him finally taking a moment to rest anyone around can get a good look at the Wood Elf.

His distinctive armor and war paint are gone, and it would appear that he hasn't worn them in weeks. His body has small wounds that are close to fully healed, with a distinct line across his neck. The circles under his eyes show that he hasn't slept in a few days and he smells like a forest fire. He also has a ring of leaves hanging from belt and a purple flower hung off his vial necklace.

Jinn looks around the room, scanning for his friends, hoping to see a friendly face. Taking a long drink from his mug Jimn lets out a deep sign. After a few moments of the drink warming his spirit and the fire warming his limbs his body relaxes into the chair. He leans his head back as a small smile creeps into his face, giving a glimpse of his old self.

Elwynd wanders into the tavern seeking refreshment for the evening. He seems tired and low on energy but his face lights up when he spots his colorful friend.

"Jinn! It's good to see you made it back through the mists safe and sound."

The young elf orders himself a drink and makes himself comfortable in a nearby chair.
Jinn's face lights up as he watches his friend walk into the tavern. As Elwynd walks over Jinn rises to greet him with a large hug and they both settle down into their chairs.

"I am so glad to see you my friend, yours is the face I wanted to see first! Yes, I can report that all three of us have returned safe and sound. The other two had some things to finish up before coming back to the Lux, but they should arrive shortly."

Jinn takes a drink and composes himself. There are so many story's wanting to come out at once, but exhaustion has dulled his mind.

"I know we both probably have many questions for each other, and trust me many nights will be spent by the fire telling our tales. But I wanted you to know how much I thought of you while I was in Voridium. We uncovered thousand year old knights code of honour, chivalry, and lawfulness. It was very you, and every time it was brought up it made me smile"
" That sounds truely incredible! I would have loved to see that with my own eyes. Legends like that make me believe that the path I walk is truly worth all the effort"

Elwynd pauses and sighs.

"A shame that I was not able to join you on that adventure but I'm very glad to see you in high spirits. Things were rough while you were away but this is no time for those stories. I am certain that you will learn of recent events once you are well settled."

Elwynd raises his mug towards his friend

"For now, a toast to our victorious Mistwalkers!"
Jinn raises his glass

"To you my friend, and to everyone here. For times may have been rough, but we shall make it though."

Taking another long drink from his mug Jinn nods at the bartender, signallng for another drink.

"I imagine emotions are a little high right now, I can only hope to bring back some revelry and joy now that I have returned."

Jinn touches his throat, still obviously sore from whatever happened

"My trip was rough, as my appearance may give away. But it has reminded me of the importance of a few things, which I had saddly forgotten over the winter. Once I am refreshed, washed, and perhaps find a restore potion I shall be a busy busy man. For now though, company is all I require... And strong drink"

Jinn hands the bartender some silver and finishes his drink and a fresh mug is brought to him

"You would have been proud of Kumari as she showed a real knack for leadership, only really making one silly choice... But nothing illegal worry not. Johm as well, they both really stepped up and were a huge asset to the exposition in the shard. I was very proud of them."

His smile keeps growing, as his memories of days past flow through his head. His hand drops down and absentmindedly touches the leaves hung off his belt.

"I myself only fell in love 6 times, and many adventurers made me promise to travel to new acarthia at some point. As for Veridium" Jinn sighs and his smile drops slightly "maybe in another 100 years or so I'll be able to go back, I will miss that dryad"
At that Elwynd shakes his head and chuckles

"Leave it to you my friend to find love through the mists, not just once but 6 times. I suppose it really is true what they say about Tari-Nor emotions. I'm more that certain that you will be reunited once again with your many loves. I spoke with the Acarthian Baron when he was here a year back and he spoke of a land of civility and refinement. Perhaps I may have to join you on your return. If I can ever find a break from my duties that is."

Elwynd drinks deeply and continues.

"As far as those two go, I know they are good folk even if I sometimes have trouble understanding their methods. I had no doubt whatsoever that they would prove themselves invaluable allies against whatever threats loomed large in the shard."

Seeing the excitement and contented expression on his friends face brought a hopeful feeling to the young elf's heart.

"I am pleased to hear that you feel that you have recovered or restored something you have lost. I too have felt myself slipping over this dark winter but perhaps together we can work together to resotore a sense of light that has been sorely missed among our ranks."
Jinn chuckles

"you would think that after my many years that I would become jaded to love, but I feel like it is completely the opposite. I let that passion burn brighter and deeper every time I feel it. I know that heartache and pain are a part of it, but with out those, what would the point of love even be. I know I will see all but one again, and the thought of that warms my heart."

The warms smile returns to his face

" I will glad take you on my next visit to new acarthia to meet the rest. As for our ranks, one of my many missions to to bring some of the light back. I have many plans that will require some time to enact, but I think they will be good for us."

Chris Rudd

Cato limps into the tavern. Being layed up due injuring his foot these last few weeks has allowed him to reflect on alot...

Looking around the bar he spots his two friends. Jinn....Elwynd it is good to see you. May I join you?
Jinn rises again to give his teacher a hug

"Of course you can my friend, I would have it no other way"

He motions towards a chair for Cato to sit in, and falls back into his once again.

"I hope you are well, it is so good to see you"

Chris Rudd

I'm getting better unknown injury seems to have almost made my right foot lame.....I have been resting and studying for the last few weeks. I now can use it normally.

I'm glad you made it back safely. I feel totally out of the loop.

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"well I cannot speak for what has happened around here but I recently returned from the mists, having visited a recently accessible shard. I would share more, but as you can see I am in a but of a state. Once I have regathered my thoughts i will gladly tell the whole city of my exploits. Buy for now is there anything happening in the lux I should know. It would be the more important of information that should be shared"
Elwynd speaks up "Like I had said earlier things have been rough this past month. More spirits passing through the circle than I would like. DAM striding openly through our streets with his minions. Powerful necromancer uncovered in the depths of the Lux. A lot of folk in grieving, and justly so. But that tale is not mine to tell. But none the less we soldier on forward. Our people have made significant progress in the reaches and have managed to free the witch queen Yazig and her allies. We have uncovered knowledge of a ritual that may help us greatly in the days to come. It should help give our missions to the reaches more drive and purpose. But Evo would be the one to speak with about that."
Jinn cracks his knuckles and laughs to himself

"A necromancer you say... looks like I came home just in time. I would see all those defilers of nature put in the ground myself. As for Dam, well we knew we would see him again didn't we."

Concern washes over Jinns face as the true reality of what Elwynd said passes over him.

"We had to resurrect some of our own? I can see why you carry such a weight on your shoulders friend. I am truly sorry I wasn't here to provide suppot on the field and comfort around the fire. I shall search out Evo when I am finished here, I have much to speak with him about regardless. But for now this chair is home to me"

Jinn raises his glass and downs his mead, signalling for another.


Johm arrives at the same time as Jinn's drink, seating himself with an unceremonious crash of protesting furniture and indicating he would like the cheapest rotgut the bar stocks. He seems a bit out of sort, as though something weighs on him, and absent mindedly fidgets with what appears to be the skull of a large rat that peers from beneath his cloak now and again, though he manages to focus on the conversation at hand.

"Elwynd, Cato, pleasure to see you're well. I hear that it's been a violent week, which surprises me since I wasn't around to pick the fights."

He downs his drink with a grimace, indicating he would like another right after.
Jinn greets his travel companion with a raised glass, catching a glimpse of the skull as Johm takes his seat

"Oh I'm sure many fights were able to happen even without your presence here. This group does have a bit of a reputation after all."

Jinn chuckles to himself, knowing bow well he kept up that reputation through the mists.


"Indeed, though I'd rather they save at least a few for me. I also hear that most of Fortannis knows us to fight hard and flirt harder. I think we all kept up our end of the bargain."

Another grimace and another order of the rather vile but functional beverage.

"So Elwynd, been keeping these fools in line?"


Kumari walked into the tavern, worn and weary. Her normally well kept fur seemed unkempt and bags lay under her eyes. Oddly though, it seemed there was a light in those cat-like eyes that had not been there before. And when she saw her friends her smile truly reached her eyes.
She walked over to them, but rather than sit down, she chose to flop unceremoniously onto the floor next to the fire. A small, almost unheard purr escaped her breifly before she spoke. "Hello! It is good to be home. I hope all is as well as it could be."
Elwynd smiles and greets his friends as they arrive.

"I'm glad to see the two of you back among us. By the sound of it the expedition to the shard isn't an experience any of you will soon forget."

"As far as keeping folk in line I'm sure you know all too well how that goes. Trying to get our people to work together is what one may call an ongoing effort."
Jinn let's out a hearty laugh

"Much like herding kittens I always say. But I'm sure we can over come any obstacle out in our way. I can only hope that our people clue in to the fact that our survival could depend on us working together. Now is not the time for personal vendettas or profiteering, not if these great dangers lurk among us"


If only Elwynd knew how true that was. Much had happened in Voridium that would be staying with the human for the remainder of his life.

"More like herding Straknoffs. I'm told they eat cats. Exclusively. Indeed. We saw a Dragon Mage fall in battle, and we've learned that there are threats beyond this Shard that would happily come here to overthrow our realm, though far removed we are."

Another drink.

"Indeed now more than ever we need to unite, even if it means working with those we might not necessarily like anymore. But aside... Elwynd, Kumari and I met an almost identical twin of you through the mists. It was eerie."
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