Adventurers return home

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The Elf noded along with his friends words.

"It it far past time to set aside petty squables. We can no longer pick and choose those we are willing to work with."

Elwynd's eyes go wide with incredulity at the last of John's words.

"A twin you say? That must have been an odd experience for you. Mearly someone who looked like me? Or someone who shares my ideals and personality?"


"Were he an elf instead of Sylvan Born I would have assumed he was a doppelganger. Not the kind we usually have to kill either. The similarities were so uncanny that one started calling him Honor."

He pointed at tue Sarr with a smirk. The wood elf had even had the same shape of ear.

"Though he had already pulled the stick out of his *** and begun to strike his enemies with it."

A wink and a smile for the young Rocholm to show his ribbing was good natured. Though his expression did harden shortly.

"But alas yes. Would that our friends and enemies could all see the reality. We are all of one shard, one people even. Maybe it's time the lot of us sought the balance of seeing the world from the perspective of one another, instead of constantly bickering and falling to squabbles. Only that way can we defeat the pointy hatted nuisance to the north east and prepare ourselves to fight the true evils of our realm."

His eyes winced as he swallowed some more of the drink.

"This must be stronger than I thought. That almost sounded insightful to me."
"Well... I helped kill a dragon mage. Those two were off in the woods doing fae knows what."

Jinn laughs again, this time wincing a bit and touching his throat.
"A tad insightful, I'll give you that"

Jinn winks at his friend as he collapses back in his chair.

"Well it does sound like we are all in agreement as to the working together of this motley crew. Now the real queston is how in the realm do we achieve this? Short of charming the whole town obviously"

Jinn shudders saying That

"How do we convince the ones hoarding treasure to let it Go? How do we convince the ones who won't listen to listen? This may be our toughest task to date."
Elwynd shakes his head and sighs

"As far as convincing goes you cannot force someone or something to change it's nature. All that one has the power to do is to provide and example of how you wish others to act and encourage the action that you wish to see."

"We can be guides but we cannot push them down the path if they choose not to walk it."


"I hate to agree with the both of you but yes. Forced consensus is merely a temporary measure, and the same methods our current enemy has chosen. We won't get anywhere holding a blade to the world's throat."

He gave his drink a look that suggested he wanted little to do with it, before putting it down and waving for another.

"Or everyone could just start listening to Elwynd and get it over with already."
"Oh by no means did i mean we force anyone to do anything. But hopefully if we can be an example maybe those that are hesitant to listen will change their tune. Those with the stockpiles will loosen the strings on their coin purse alittle. I would just like to see any powerful items or rituals be used rather than sit in a chest somewhere bring useless. But only time will solve these problems. For now I wish to continue to sit and drink"

Jinn finishes his mug with a mighty thirst and waves for another
Empty mug in hand, Evo makes his way into the tavern. His hands are ink-smudged, and his eyes look unrested.

He spends some time reading through the notices, and concludes with a satisfied nod. After stopping to fill his mug, he joins the conversation though he doesn't sit.

"We need author no rallying cry, nor promote a forceful leader, when information flows. If our compatriots know there is a need, and they know they can have effect, they act. All they need is a little knowledge, and a push." He takes a deep drink. "And there is much to do, and there is much to learn."

"I'm glad to see the three of you have returned, and there is no shortage of tasks for our group. The Lux," he gestures around, "is fracturing under the petty squabbles of those who staked their claim here while we marched all winter in the wrong direction, and we can help. We have a ritual to find, and its catalysts, in order to re-form Avanator. Siegart's forest may give us a new way of accessing the Dark Reaches, though the reciprocal is just as true. Near every door we open in this ancient place reveals another potential ally or enemy, or another relic to be guarded or wielded, and our respective guilds' leaders open these doors faster than we can control. And much more."
"Well if new enemies are popping up faster than we can deal with, self preservation is an amazing motivator! Looks like we shall be diving in head first, as much as I was hoping for a rest after my travels, I do prefer to keep busy. Keeps me from wandering off."
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