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    This is for the Alliance Oregon April 12-14, 2019 event at Camp Kiwanilong, in the Aer’Astria campaign!

    Pre-reg is now OPEN!! (If you have missed the pre-reg deadline please still send in a pre-reg if you are planning on coming to the event. While you may not get the discount you can help make Friday night check-in faster and easier for all of us.)

    Pre-reg will close on Friday, March 29th, at 11:59 PM. The pre-registration rewards have increased! We will give you 60 goblin stamps if you pre-reg by this time. This gives you 17 days to pre-reg and receive 60 goblin stamps!

    To Pre-Reg, please visit the event sign up page!
    If you are an existing player for any chapter but have not previously attended a playtest event, do not sign up for a new account! Instead go to the password reset form and enter an email address you think logistics has for your record. If that doesn't work, email logistics and we will get it sorted out. You will not have your existing characters if you sign up for a new account and the process to fix this will make both us and the database developer very very sad.

    • If you are a PC and have spells to prepare, you will need to set memorization lists. If this is not complete it means you may end up going into game without spells prepared! [​IMG] Please refer to this link for instructions on how to create a memorization list and set it in your pre-reg. Heal your friends and harm your enemies by remembering to set your memorization list!
    • Please note your magic items in the pre-registration notes, which rituals are changing, and what they are being changed to for this pre-release game
    • If you are using goblin stamps to increase your production or coin and want to walk into game with that tag/coin, it needs to be in your pre-reg notes
    • This game will be a 2.0 pre-release! With that, remember that you can play as any build you want. If you want to redo your skills, please fill out the spirit forge request form and either myself, Barb, or Rick will give you the spirit forge your character so desperately requires. For non-Oregon characters please contact your chapter logistics to request a spirit forge in the CMA.
    • Major omissions that hold up check-in will lead to your pre-registrations being considered incomplete and you will be subject to the at-the-door rate of $70!
    • Brand new PCs pay half off at their first game!
    • PC: $70.00 at the door, $60.00 if you pre-reg.
    • Advance page: $50.00 at the door, $40.00 if you pre-reg
    • Page: $40.00 at the door, $30.00 if you pre-reg
    • NPC: Free to play, NPC food is $20.00 if you pre-reg before the deadline and state in your pre-registration notes that you want to be on the NPC meal plan, as well as any allergies or dietary restrictions you may have.
    You may pre-pay via PayPal by sending payment to paypal@allianceoregon.com along with your full name and that you are pre-paying for game (so we don't think it's a donation). Please limit it to just this game at this time.

    If you do not wish to pre-pay using PayPal, you can also use our new Square Cash account by either using the app and sending us money via our $allianceoregon cashtag or by clicking on this link: http://cash.me/allianceoregon

    Name in red - Received an incomplete pre-reg, or paid but no pre-reg submitted.

    PC Pre-Reg:
    Ellie R
    Zarazaiel Y

    Late Pre-Reg:

    Pre-Pays Received:

    NPC Pre-Reg:
    Barbara M
    Ben dB
    Jessica L
    Ben T
    Jessica R
    Amber H
    Nathanael S

    NPC Meal Plan:
    Barbara M
    Ben dB
    Bent T
    Amber H

    Cabins List - Skerra's Bastion
    Please use the above link to sign up for your bunks. I will be moving (not removing) people who do not pre-reg. Please do not move or remove ANYONE without their permission. Please do not move ANYONE on the Non-pre-reg column unless their name is on the Pre-reg list above. We have plenty of sleep space but obviously it's good to have sleeping spots for those who we know are going!

    The Electric Cabin is reserved permanently for people with medical needs. If you are one of those people, please email logistics@allianceoregon.com with your name. You do not need to include the nature of your medical need if you do not wish, but please ensure this is a MEDICAL need, not "I need a cell phone charger."

    If we get to site and there are still empty bunks, players with a medical need can invite members of their PC group to stay there as well after checking in with logistics to ensure that there is space available. However, if anyone shows up and needs that space, players without medical needs will be required to give up spots if more people need electricity than there are empty bunks!

    Last updated: 3/14/2019

    If you feel you should be on this list and are not, please email logistics and let us know. Thanks!

    If you have questions, feel free to post them here, PM me, or email logistics@allianceoregon.com.
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