((Alda's voice in the dream realm))


((You hear Alda, clearer than her voice normally is in the dream realm))

I am Kialda Loa, Child of Autumn, LifeLyric of the Vanguard of Corrheim.

I find myself in a deep trance. A meditative state more complete than I've ever before achieved. I feel the earth and life around me swirling with power and growing with a peculiar timeless urgency. The trees are speaking.

I have seen blazing constellations. Consuming shadows. Threatened destruction.

Yet I have heard the voice of friends. The call of adventurers. The rally of heroes.

I remain unsure of what dreams and visions are reality, or if this dream message will transmit to the proper people at the proper time. I do not know the true state of the current modern world. I am one with the forest, now and eternally.

I believe in growth. I believe in the tenacity of nature. I believe in the ability to persevere. Though it seems to me that my physical body is not currently capable of returning to the waking world to tend to any urgent adventuring needs, I send this dream in earnest as an offer of hope, support, and strength as I can attempt to provide.

I will dive deeper into the roots of the beautiful earth and use the whole of my mental and magical connection with nature to listen to what the trees are saying. To be a conduit of their purpose and a connection from the ancient to the current in whatever abstract way it may come to pass. I hope this somehow empowers the mission of my friends. I accept the will of the forest as it calls me to this state. The earth is speaking to me. The earth is fighting with us. I may not be with you, but I am here for you.

For love of the earth and hope for the future.