All those of Barran



Be calm.

You are not alone.

Many are hearing the bell toll.

Those who would dare.

Gates are being brought on line.

Key holders stand by to bring you.

Or if willing, mistwalkers.

Need is great at this time.

Risk and reward also great.

A bell is calling.

Visions are ringing.

Something is coming.

You are not alone.

Kingdom and Empire prepare to stand with you.

Will you prepare to stand with us.

Shenarti ab Sun
Guildmaster of Celestial and Arcane Mysteries, Chapter 1688

Vartesh ab Moon
Guildmaster of the Order of the Earth, Chapter 1688
I stand with you.

Hiwa Chulainn Steelclaw
As do I.

Sefid Rayna Satyrsbane