Alliance Crossroads Plot teaser 2nd game of 2018 4/20-4/22

Otaras Bar

Crossroads Staff
A fierce battle. . .

A devastated town. . .

A brave sacrifice. . .

The Wyldes greets springtime with a new outlook, with the Mercatian army being banished from the Wyldes, and the darkness pushed away from Sanctuary. For now, the freedom of the town from that particular tyranny is secured.
Flora and fauna all stretch themselves and bask in the warm spring sun, looking healthier than ever. Flowers are blooming with such vitality, tiny daisies could put shame to sunflowers. Fae magic seems almost tangible in the air.
. . . But, what things are stirring? What true havoc did the reemergence of the Husks cause? Perhaps older things are afoot in the forests of The Wyldes. Hidden, locked away things. . . . . Unnatural things.