Alliance LARP Virginia's 3rd game "A trudge through Miasma"


Roanoke Staff
Event Date: October 28th-30th
2600 Max Creek Rd, Hiwassee, VA 2434
Plot Teaser:
A festive air has taken over all of Silvervale Outpost, the Brothers Ear have revived a tradition that had been laid aside since before the Blight returned. Colorful banners and streamers adorn the Magpie Meadery. All the villagers' spirits are lifted even though the mysterious disappearances continue to occur.
The mood is tainted as a vile purple mist rolls in from the Crack, covering Silvervale with its miasma. Mischief and chaos seem to be running amok. Rumors spread of a strange new creature stalking through the village with its gaggle of minions.


Roanoke Staff
October 28th-30th Event "A Trudge Through Miasma"

The event cost for PCs is $80 and Free for NPCs;PCs if you pre-register you receive a $10 off discount that means you'll pay $70 if you pre-register. All meals are included with your event fee. But remember you might have to pay IG coin for your meal.

The site opens at 6PM for PCs and 2pm for NPCs on Friday October 28th, Logistics is open from 7pm-8pm and Opening Ceremonies is at 9PM and lay on will be around 10PM. Please get to site as soon as possible and do your logistics. Second Day Logistics will be at 8PM Saturday. Sunday game until noon and closing Ceremonies will be around 12:30pm in the Meadery. PCs must be off site by 1pm on Sunday!

Site: Camp Powhatan BSA 2600 Max Creek Rd, Hiwassee, VA 24347

Additional information:
Pre-registration for this event should be done on the CMA: or if you wish to try out a 2.1 playtest build please build in the Beta database:

Pre-Registration deadline with the discount ends October, 21st at 11:59PM. Past the 21st you must pay the full event price of $80

Important Notes about this event:
October is a 2.1 Playtest Event! Please read the following. Players may choose to completely rewrite their card (including race changes and spirit forges) for this 2.1 beta test. To that end, if you choose to playtest a build other than the one currently supported by the live CMA, we ask that you generate a new card with a matching XP total to your live card and complete a second (very short) pre reg on the Beta CMA.

You need not prereg your Magic Items, but we do ask that you complete all other relavent memorizations. This is so the Logistics team can have a beta card printed and ready for you when you arrive. If you do not pre reg on the beta CMA and wish to play an alternative build, you must bring a printed copy of your new build. In order to play an alternative build, you MUST have a printed copy of your character sheet signed by either a member of the logistics team, or a member of the plot team.

We are imposing only two restrictions on alternative builds produced by the beta CMA. 1) The XP total must match the XP total of the character receiving credit on the live CMA.
2) The total number of Professions on the beta build may not exeede the number of Craftsmen Other purchases on the live build of the character you are playing. Essentially, you may choose to have less ranks of Profession, but not more.

Prepayment,Membership fee, donations, Etc. should be made via PayPal and should be sent to: ((please use friends and family.))

Lastly, all attendees(PCs,NPCs,and Staff) must have a current Alliance LARP Virginia Membership which is a once a year fee of $20.


Hello, I'm considering coming; I'm planning to make a merchant as a beta test character (level 17 with most of his XP in crafting skills) so I can test out the crafting system.

I have a few questions about how this will be handled:

- Can I bring in treasure from my live character? Do I get treasure to start with? Or does my beta test character just come in without any equipment?

- Can I bring treasure out of the playtest? For instance, if I create normal production items (potions, scrolls, etc.) could I bring them back to a normal 2.0 game and use them? (I know I couldn't bring a 2.1 only item out)


Welcome! I play an artisan and have been jumping back and forth between 2.0 and 2.1 all threw the alliance system since January. The majoratiy of 2.0 items transfer into 2.1. The reverse is not true. You just need to keep your superior items seperate when jumping between the two system. If you have a brand new character and are worried about starting gear I would refere you to the player guide. If I remember correctly it is 100CP per level up to level 30. In your case you would have 1700 copper to spend on starting gear, production, and equipment, in addition to your free crafting pool. If you are not a brand new character and are just reskinning a character than you come in with what your character already has. So far all production I've made in 2.1 transferes to 2.0 with the exception of Tinker traps break (2.1 only) and shatter (2.0 only). Coins, and magic items will travel the mist so long as the magic item is not tied to the lands. NOTE: 2.1 when building an artisan you want to build even levels as you get 1/2 level in free production for 1st log only. 10 or 11 ranks in alchemy only gives you a free production pool of 5 points. Build wisely. You also may wish to purchase merchant 1-2-3 and some ranks of profession to give yourself access to more crafting materials so you can build. Looking forward to seeing you at the next event.: David (Heinricht)


Roanoke Staff
Hello Friends! Just a reminder Pre-Reg for the October 28th-30th game "A Trudge Through Miasma'' closes tonight at 11:59pm! After that the price for the game is $80 Also if you're a new player or someone who is traveling and hasn't played in Virginia yet this year don't forget the once a year $20 Membership fee.

We also have a few announcements

Please do your Pre-Reg in the CMA PCs and ((((NPCs)))!!!

Logistics will be held in Monster Camp this game.

There will be some Pages this game please be aware of our Page rules.

Please do not bring firewood to the camp this is a Camp Rule as they don't want invasive species traveling to the camp.

Please No Real Pumpkins! as we don't want to attract wildlife. And no real candles/flames battery powered tea lights recommended

This is going to be a cold event! Please bring appropriate attire, layer your clothes and stay warm! You might want to bring cloaks, blankets, gloves, extra socks, hand warmers, space heater, sleeping bag, etc.

Please Remember Alliance LARP Virginia has a 20 Ritual cap for magic items.

Consent for all and every touch and physical roleplay encounter.

The check in system for intense role-playing and in general OOG check in Thumbs up/Thumbs down/Okay sign.