Alliance National 2023 - FAQ (Check back often for updates)


Denver Staff
Site and General Information for the 2023 National Event hosted by Alliance Denver & Alliance Crossroads

Q: When is 2023 National Event?
October 6-9, 2023 (Friday evening through Monday afternoon).

Q: Where is the 2023 National Event being held?
The event will take place at:

JCC Ranch Camp

21441 N. Elbert Rd.

Elbert, Co. 80106

Q: What is the cost of Nationals and how do I pay?
TBA – Still awaiting information from the site on cost, etc.

Q: What is the best airport to fly into for the event?
Airport info:
We are working on getting together a transportation team that will coordinate pick up and drop offs. Details incoming!

Q: What are the sleeping accommodations of the site?

There are two main villages on site. As well as other accommodations.

North Village (8):
Sleeps 70

South Village (6): Sleeps 120

NPC camp: Sleeps 27 with another cabin that sleeps 40

Cottages (7): Sleeps 7-14

Bungalows (10): Sleeps 10-30 (These will not be available for PCs)

The majority of the cabins sleep between 12-20 people in bunk beds. All the cabins have electricity and heat. They have overhead lights, porches and gathering places in multiple locations.

We will also have small spaces (Cottages/Bungalows) (That sleep between 1-3 people) that are being reserved for Owners/National staff; if they become available, we will post them to be rented by players.

The tavern is an expansive space that houses over 200 people, with full electricity, two restrooms, and icemaker and a coffee, tea and hot cocoa station. The site has kitchen staff that will be cooking for the National Event to feed as many people as we expect to attend.

There are full showers/restrooms in two locations on the site, so whether in North or South Village you will have access to running water, modern restrooms and amenities. We always supply a hospitality basket in every restroom with the needs of everyone for full inclusivity.

NPC sleeping area has their own restrooms and showers.

Q: Am I allowed to bring an RV or Tent?
Absolutely! There will be some designated areas on site where you can set up your RV/Tent if you would like, please note that Colorado is cold and that you will be at almost 7,000 ft, so nights can be very chilly.

Q: Are there showers on site?
There are two large indoor bathhouses with showers!

Q: What meals are included with my event fee?

*Note: This is a Jewish camp, so Kosher rules must be followed in the tavern/kitchen area. No pork products will be served*

It is our plan to include eight total meals: 3 Dinners, 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, as well as some light snacks available at other times of the day.

The site has an amazing kitchen staff will try to accommodate most food restrictions/allergies based on information received in player registrations, and if we are unable to accommodate for it for whatever reason, we will contact you and work with you to find a solution.

Here is the menu: TBA

Q: Will I be able to use the kitchen and/or refrigerators for personal use during the event?
There will be some refrigerators for personal use during the event, however using the main kitchen for cooking will not be allow. All of the bungalows/cottages have mini kitchens/ refrigerators so they can cook in their accommodations. Anyone staying in the cabins in North or South Village will be allowed to cook on their porches, please put down a rug or tarp to keep grease stains off the Trex.

Q: As a traveler, will there be any help available to me? Loaner gear? Ect?
We will have a travel committee with several volunteers that can help by receiving shipments from out of town travelers. We will have a couple volunteers acting as shuttles between the airport and site. There will be more information posted about this, as we get closer to the event.

More FAQ will be announced, as we get closer.
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