Alliance National Event 2018 - Pre-reg and Pre-pay

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    Alliance National Pre-reg and Pre-pay is now open. Both early pre-reg and pre-pay close on April 23rd at Midnight. If you have any questions, please send them to me and I'll update the FAQ. Your fee for the event does include the meal plan packaged in. We will try and accommodate all allergy/restrictions but if cannot, we will contact you before the event and either refund you the meal plan or work on an alternative. NPC rewards will be posted soon.

    Pre-reg Site -

    Pre-pay - For prepay, send

    • Full Weekend PC Cabin (includes meal plan) - $125
    • Friday-Sunday PC Cabin (includes meal plan) - $100
    • Full Weekend PC Tent (includes meal plan) - $100
    • Friday-Sunday PC Tent (include meal plan) - $70
    • Full Weekend NPC (to cover food) - $20
    • Blanket a secondary character - $30
    • Late fee - $20 (if pre-reg or pre-pay AFTER April 23rd)
    Nationals FAQ -

    Pre-pay/Pre-reg list - Coming soon.
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    Pre-pay and pre-reg is open.
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    Send money to that address by Paypal?
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    Yes please.

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