Alliance Raleigh Weapon Rental Policy


Raleigh Staff
Greetings all!

After much consideration Alliance Raleigh has decided to open up a limited portion of our monster camp for rental during events. All new players (defined as having played no more than one Alliance game before their first Alliance Raleigh event) are allowed $10 of free rentals per game for their first two PC games to ensure they have their basic weapon needs covered. Alliance Raleigh will make our very best effort at providing weapons but our stock is limited and is available on a first pre-registered basis. There are a small additional number of weapons that will be available for new players that are not available for Rent as it will impact our monster camp.

All fees from this policy go 100% to replacing, upgrading, and adding to our monster camp armory. Please note that while we do not require deposits or demand replacement funds for damaged weapons, Alliance Raleigh reserves the right to cancel your reservation if you are deemed to be wielding the weapons in an unsafe or destructive manner.

If you wish to reserve a weapon, please do so on the pre-registration form (for the May game if you already pre-registered you can update your pre-registration to reserve a weapon.

Rental Fees (All fees are per event)

One handed weapons, long or short - $5
Shields - $5
Two Handed Weapons (Swords, Polearms) - $10

Currently Available Rental Stock (Will be added to pre-reg post and updated as items are reserved)

Long Swords - 3
Short Claws - 4
Shields - 2
Polearm - 1
Two Handed Sword - 1

As always, our goal is to make our game at Alliance Raleigh as safe and accessible for as many people as possible. We are open to feedback and discussions regarding this, and all, of our policies. Please feel free to discuss the policy here on the forums, in our Discord server, or our Facebook.