Alliance Seattle Policies: Retirement, Character Transfer

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Alliance Seattle Retirement Policy

* At any time, a player may choose to retire a character. This is done by the player announcing to the Logistics Staff their intention to retire the character. The character will be marked in the Character Database as "Set to Retire" and the date announced. One month later, the logistics staff will discuss with the player their intention to retire the character. Should the player still wish it, the character will then be stricken from the Character Database. The player may then create a new character with 1/2 of the build and 1/2 of the deaths as the retired character, with a minimum of 1 death and a maximum of 155 build. Retired characters are considered permanently dead, and may not be brought back for any reason. Plot will work with the player to determine the events surrounding the character's death. All items in the possession of the character are immediately surrendered to Plot, who will then determine what starting equipment the new character will begin with.

Alliance Seattle Character Transfer Policy

* Characters from other Alliance campaigns can transfer to Alliance Seattle with the permission of the originating campaign and Alliance Seattle. The character retains equipment from Alliance campaigns, though any magic items are still subject to the chapter's item transfer policy (see below).

Alliance Seattle Equipment Transfer Policy

* LCO items may transfer out of Alliance Seattle with permission from both Alliance Seattle plot and the appropriate staff of the campaign being played at.
* Production items creatable by PCs as per the Alliance rulebook may transfer in to Alliance Seattle freely.
* Alliance Seattle Plot and Rules must approve all magic items that do not originate from Alliance Seattle.
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