Alliance Seattle Trap Physrep Guidelines

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After internal review, Alliance Seattle would like to publish the following guidelines on acceptable traps. Please note that this may invalidate some physreps which were previously passed, or allow physreps which were not possible before. Our intent is not to stifle creativity, but promote the safety of our participants and the spirit of the trap rules. As always, you may ask specific questions in this forum or of Marshals in person about particular items in this list.

1. Traps are intended to be triggered in close proximity by a prospective victim. To this end, Alliance Seattle requires that traps not be so loud that they might cause OOG disorientation or (even temporary) hearing loss. This means that some triggers with overly loud indicators are not allowed, such as airsoft compressed air grenades, air horns, and the like. As a guideline, a trigger getting set off next to someone inside a cabin should not cause them OOG harm or disorientation.

2. Trap triggers should be clear to an impartial observer and must be physically connected to the trap in such a way that they can be disarmed without disassembling the trap. This means that something like a magnetic window alarm with an "off" switch is OK, but a motion detector that goes off when someone walks in front of it is not.

3. Traps used for "rearmable" traps should be physically rearmable. Weapon traps are a good example - as per the rulebook, they can be rearmed after being tripped. This means that trap physreps with expendable triggers (such as caps) should not be used for these types of traps.

4. Traps must have a way by which a Marshal can tell if they are armed or not, and this should be noted on the Marshal Notes where a trap is set. This is so that a Marshal can visually determine whether a trap should go off if it is moved 5' from its current location.

Thank you,
Bryan Gregory
Alliance Seattle Head of Rules
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