Alliance SoMI 2020 Season Pricing and Season Passes - Updated 1/22/20

Alliance South Michigan is happy to announce
our 2020 Season Event Prices and Season Pass Options

We're holding ten Events in 2020 for a total of 16 Blankets of XP.

For Players seeking the Pay No Play option we are offering 500 Goblin Stamps for a $90 donation
As we have in years past, the Owners have taken a look at our Event costs (which include site pricing, insurance, costuming, props, and other operating expenses) and set our Event prices so that we can continue to provide our Players with the high quality experience we've been working to create for years without paying too much out of our pockets. When we looked at the numbers for the coming year we realized that we had no choice but to raise our base Event prices to address cost increases outside our control. This means that for our 2020 Season our 1-Day Events will cost $35 and our Weekend Events will cost $70. Food will continue to be $5 for 1-Days and $10 for Weekends
While we believe that these are reasonable prices based on the facilities we use and the quality of our Events we want to offer our Players the opportunity to save some money while getting the most out of our Events. Therefore we are offering the following discounts that can be applied to our Events.

Early Registration (available for all Events): Any Player who is completely Registered in the CMA by 11:59 the Friday before an Event will save $5.00 off their Event Fee

Volunteer Discount (available for all Weekend Event): Any Player willing to commit to volunteering to assist with the Event for around two hours will save $10.00 off their Weekend Event Fee. This can be NPCing, helping do dishes, setting up monster camp, or other options.

Secondary XP Discount: Alliance LARP allows players to receive Event XP on a second Character for Events the Player attends in person at a cost of $10 per Event Blanket. This means you can get XP on two Characters for each Event you attend. Players who choose to take advantage of this option will receive $5.00 off their Weekend Event Fee

What's the Bottom Line?

Check out all of your options here. All prices are pro-rated for our remaining Events

We thank you for your continued participation in our game, we hope that you appreciate that we do all we can to continue to keep our prices reasonable. We know that we're still well below many other LARPS, including other Alliance Chapters and we will strive to maintain that threshold in the years to come.

If you have questions or concerns please feel to post them here so we can address them for everyone.
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