Alliance South Michigan 2018 Schedule and Season Passes

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    Alliance SoMI is happy to announce we've posted our 2018 Season schedule and are now running a special on our Season Passes. We had a lot people take advantage of these passes in 2017 so we wanted to share them with everyone again

    Our 2018 Pay-no-Play package is $65 through the end of 2017!
    This package gets you Blankets for each of our events (13 total Blankets), that's $5 a Blanket.
    If you miss this early deadline, the cost goes up to $80, so act now.
    Pay-no-Play Passes are a great way to support other Chapters in the Alliance LARP and this deal in particular makes a great gift for your LARPing friends, it's the gift that keeps giving all year long.

    You can find a copy of our schedule here

    We accept payment for the Pay-no-Play Pass via Paypal
    Please include your name, your home Chapter, and the name of your Character so we know who to reward.​

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    We also have packages for people in the area who want to play the full season. You can find them here
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  2. Muir

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    I took advantage of this for 2017, and I can confirm that it's a good deal!
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  3. Alliance SoMI

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    Thank you to everyone who's already taken advantage of this opportunity, your support of our game is appreciated.

    If there are any questions or concerns about this offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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    For those Players who are confused by this offer, a quick explanation of the "Pay-no-Play" Pass.
    One of the things that you can do with Goblin Stamps is use them to Blanket Events you missed (as long as you weren't at a different Event at the same time). You can do this in any Chapter, but you have to have Goblin Stamps in that Chapter to do so.
    It costs 30 Goblin Stamps for each Blanket you receive in this manner (60 for a Weekend Event)
    This offer allows you to get enough Goblin Stamps in Alliance SoMI to ensure you can Blanket all of our 2018 Events and puts your Character on our list, so that our Logistics Guru automatically contacts your home Chapter to give you credit for our Events as they happen.​
    Hope that answers some of the questions we've received.
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    Another answer to a repeatedly asked question:
    • What happens if my local Chapter has an Event on the same weekend?
    If this happens, you cannot Blanket the SoMI Event, but you still get the Goblin Stamps. You can use them to Blanket a future Event or for other rewards available for Goblin Stamps.​
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    Just a bump to remind everyone that the Alliance SoMI Pay-no-Play Season Pass is available and only $65 until the end of the month.
    This is a great value and makes a gift that gives all year for your larping friends.

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