Alliance Wisconsin LARP IBGA Policy

IBGAs represent actions your PC is taking within Bastion that are better represented in downtime than at a live game. Please provide a description of what your character is doing and how they would go about it. The more details you provide us the better responses we are able to provide though we do request that everyone generally try and keep their IBGAs to under two standard pages. The following rules apply to IBGA submissions.
  • A PC must have been to a live Alliance LARP Wisconsin game within the last 12 months in order to submit an IBGA.
  • All IBGAs must be submitted by the assigned due date. Any IBGAs sent after the due date will not receive a reply.
  • Submitting an IBGA is the player accepting the consequences of what happens in their reply. These can include up to taking a resurrection if exceedingly dangerous actions are taken in the IBGA.
  • Items may not be used as part of an IBGA action unless expressly allowed as part of the item's description.