Allies needed for a trip to Tian [safe]


Hello everyone,

Months ago, a prison none of us knew about was destroyed. One of the people being kept there was a Dryad that was imprisoned at a young age, due to a small town's fear and nothing she did. She has been kept there for over 50 years. This is odd, being that as far as I am aware, Dryads didn't wake up till a couple of years ago. She was very traumatized in this prison and when she was free of it she wasn't in her right mind. We captured her and put her into a deep sleep and laid her to rest in a Blissful Rest building. I've had an expert Bitia help deal with the trauma and now it is time to take her to the Dryads to be raised.

Thank you in advance for those willing to come to Tian. I plan to leave in a month or so. If you wish to join us you do not need to RSVP you can just show up when we're leaving. It'll be obvious when we do.



Kart, I wish I could join you on this venture, but the mists have been hard to traverse as of late. I wish you the best of luck and wanted to say that I miss your friendship.



Kart, I will join you in travel to Tian when the time comes. I will only need some time to put my affairs in order with my school.

Kjeld son of Bjarn
niðr Jardhilgr Roedha
Keeper of Numbers
Alpha of the Vestr Valdyr


Ah Kart! It would be a pleasure to assist you in such manners. The great Resete has recently been pulled back through the Mists, and while I spent some time in the Maelstrom, I will be ever so happy to go somewhere a little more predictable such as Tian. I have unfinished business there as well, so I will be quite glad to assist in the transplant of this Dryad - and if a few extra coin should find their way into my possession for my assistance, it would not upset me in the least.