[.11] Ally Riposte Redirect?

"Riposte: the character may, once per Logistics period per purchase after using any Dodge, Parry, or Evade skill, immediately use any offensive per-day Martial or Stealth skill known and available without using a charge of that skill, ignoring any positioning requirement. This skill replaces Riposte, removing a common source of Holds on the field and giving some interesting flexibility where the character may (a) choose something more useful/applicable for the situation and (b) redirect towards an enemy who may be more susceptible to an attack."

The example (b) would seem to indicate that if Monster (x) hits you and you use a Parry to activate Riposte you can then turn around and hit Monster (y) with your Slay? Does that mean that either in RAW or Spirit of the rules that if you had an Ally strike you in the back you could use that hit plus a defensive to Riposte into an enemy you are facing? Ally (h) intentionally hits you in the back and you respond with "Evade" followed by "50 Assassinate" into the Monster you are facing.


Weirder, you could hit Ally a, Parry yourself, riposte monster b.

Taking that to it's next step. You could hit monster b, Parry it, then riposte it.


This is legal and also a gigantic waste of defenses, so it’s kinda self-balancing.


Yeah we talked about this to blow down a big bad when we had extra defenses left but needed more offense.


It is super effective tactic for rogues though. And they got evades for days.
And its a way for them to remove positioning requirements for abilities that require being attacked from behind.

Also, I don't even think you need an ally - you could swing at yourself, evade, and then riposte strike.

Opportunistic attack costs 2 (1 per 60), and doesn't include the attack. If we assume you are using it with doom blow (5, also 1 per 60); its roughly 7cp per use or 3cp with assassinate.
Riposte (4, 1 per 30) does provide the attack, but consumes an evade (3, 1 per 20) -- so its roughly 7cp per use. Its also slower to use, as you need to call evade and then the attack.

Though both feel like solid tools in the rogue toolkit to pump out damage.

It is worth noting, that it is effectively a way to triple the number of Doom Blows a rogue can throw in a single logistic period by giving up a significant portion of the rogues defense. (Arguably Hobling Fighters can do the same thing in relation to Eviscerating Blow, but it is not as cp efficient.)