[.11] Alternative Life Idea


I don't know if this matters or not but I will throw my 2 cents in. I play an Earth Templar in HQ. Since I decided to go from Fighter to Templar over Scout, I have had a goal for my 9th level slots. One for me, One for someone else and One for Death. With this in mind I opted for a pyramid over column, to have more of the stuff that prevents the need for life. I have not had pressure as of yet to change my ideas as I am only at 8th circle but my mindset is unlikely to change before 2.0. I know play styles and life goals differ vastly per player and chapter. I know as people have stated above that not everyone can tell others to go fly a kite but you can only do so much with the resources at hand. Death spell is a pretty good emergency plan for when you are the only one still alive(undead and choice others aside).

That aside, I don't see a huge issue if First Aid and Healing Arts became one. A person with the skill and 5 minute RP could bring a person back from death to wait their farther time to get back in play seem reasonable. I do think that it would help most of that CS issues that comes with this part of the rules.