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Availability of Ritual Scrolls
The Pick list of Alliance LARP Wisconsin is meant to be reassessed at minimum, annually. Its flexible nature is largely contingent on plots and world events that are currently happening within the world of Kaida Sanu. Their value and presence is meant to reflect that information, ranging from readily available to the obscure. All of these ritual Scrolls will be Local Chapter Only. Ritual which are excluded are done so purposefully.
Availability of Magic Items
Through specific recognition, players may be awarded a pick from this same list. Picks are unique in the concept that the pick will be available for any ritual effect, within the range provided by the pick. While this list is the same as the ritual scrolls, it is unique in that these Rituals are cast on your characters behalf by various non-player characters.
  • Players may save their picks to combine them for a larger magic items.
  • Item creation rituals which have a scalable effect are included from this list, those rituals require a pick for each level of the desired difficulty. If only one pick is used, it is selected at its lowest difficulty. All of these magic items will be Local Chapter Only.
  • Ritual Manipulations are not available, except when provided by plot as special incentives, those incentives may be applied to any Pick List Magic Item yet to be made. While this list does have Catalyst Rituals available, when chosen for magic Item picks, the item created uses the Non-Catalyst abilities of that ritual. Characters can get the Catalyst version, if they posses the required catalyst and turn it in as apart of the Item Pick's creation.
  • MI picks that are done from dollar donations ignore the tiers when it comes to making their choices.

Readily Available
Audible ProjectionBanish to <other Plane>Armored ShellCircle LockArcane Armor
Bound ShardBoost DurationAssassin's EdgeEnchantCreate Limited Circle of Power
Cloak of DarknessBountiful HarvestBattle Mage's StrikeGift of LifeForesee the Weather
Heal GolemChannel ArmorConstructHaven of the LivingMagic Evocation
Illumination/DarkeningChannel HealthCounterspellInvestiture/DivestureObliterate
Mark/UnmarkContact other PlaneElemental ImbuementMagic ImbuementResist Destroy Magic
SacrificeEndure ElementsElemental ManipulationMist SenseSorcerous Triage
Stalwart ShieldEnhanced FocusEmpower WarriorProscribeTransfer Enchantment
Explosive DemiseEternal ResolutionRace ReaverVengeance
Extend Battle Magic DurationFocused ResistanceRender Indestructible Imp
Greater FocusHealing imbuementReverse Life Force
Instant TrapHeroic InterceptionStable Foundation
Magical ClawsItem RecallStore Ability
Monster SlayerJack of All TradesUniversal Speech
RefugeLife Leech
Safe PassageMemory Strike
Seek the WholeMerchant Insight
Spirit FarewellMystic Smith
Trap AvoidancePerfect Riposte
Whispering WindPoison Cache
Poison Trigger
Potion Coating
Quicken Aid
Quicken Meditation
Raging Strike
Recharge Prowess
Reinforce Armor
Spell Parry
Spell Store
Spell Swap
Spirit Link
Spirit Lock
Strengthened Blow
Sturdy Armor

Going forward, if you earn MI Picks through donation or other means that is not NPC duties, please fill out the form below and your number of picks will be updated.

To use MI Picks, please submit your request to to have them review the item before it is sent to Logistics to be printed.
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