An update from the watch


Kansas Staff
{This is a message posted around town to update those adventurers that have been away}


The Winter has been quite harsh thus far, thankfully the blight’s advances seem to have frozen with the ground as the chilling winds settled in. While it no longer seems to be spreading and conquering new areas of our beloved town, the areas that we have already lost seem to be growing more entrenched.

The scouts that have returned have reported that these areas are slowly becoming covered in the creeping tendrils and pulsing veins that have been observed within the deep areas of the Blight. The ground seems to have grown stagnant and a vile odor carries on the wind. It seems the sickness has spread over the buildings of what was once Shelterdoor proper and blighted minions shamble through the city ruins.

Although our numbers have dwindled, those of us who remain are dedicated to safeguarding the city we have worked so hard to protect. Havenport is, and shall remain secure so long as we draw breath. Current census reports that we number around 50 or 60 strong, although many of our citizens remain unaccounted for. We expect this number to increase with the coming gathering of traveling adventurers. In your absence we’ve worked to keep the barricades around town put together with whatever we can find nearby. Our defenders have held strong for the last few months and we have fought hard to keep the invading blight beasts at bay. This battle has proven difficult for us and still consumes a great deal of our time. We hope that with your return we will be able to tip the scales of battle in our favor. We have every faith that with your assistance we can make headway toward ending this grave threat, just as you did in previous months to cleanse the cancerous growths that have infected our city.

Thankfully we have secured two routes in and out of Havenport, so we’re still able to get fresh food and trade from the outside world. While we of the Town Watch hold the line, the Healers’ and Celestialists’ guilds are working together alongside the Inquisition, tirelessly striving toward a solution that would purge the source of the blight. We will stand firm and with your help, we will reclaim what has been taken from us.
~Jeffrey of the Town Watch.