Any people around Sacramento area?

I'm interested in checking out your guys LARP but I live pretty far away. Are there any people from my area carpooling down there or maybe people from out lying areas? Like any Davis people?
That would make it hard for me to ever show then. Plus I now have a Werewolf LARP on Saturdays, every other Saturday at least. Though I have some worries the LARP won't turn out as fun as I think it will but I'm going to see anyway.
Two days in a row of LARP might be difficult to pull off. I'll have to see.

Matthew Mendoza

Charlottesville Staff
I will also be coming soon, perhaps not for March but maybe next event... I gotta find a job first. But I'm in Manteca. More people to pay for gas is good right? I'll keep you posted on my situation.