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  1. Aggravain

    Aggravain Fighter Owner HQ Staff

    This thread is for pre-payment and pre-logistics
    Final Pre registration is due Monday before the event. All players paying afterwords will be 70.00 at the door.
    1. Danielle Darwell Membership paid
    2. Rob Kinlen
    3. Super mystery awesome person Membership Paid
    4. Kate Fierns Membership Paid
    5. Frank Coyne
    6. Gabe Obermeyer Membership Paid
    7. Daniel Baillargeon Membership Paid
    8. Onit Hernandez EVENT Membership Paid
    9. Tonya Dawson Membership Paid
    10. Super mystery awesome person 2
    11. Griffin Kinlen
    12. Cullen Baillargeon Membership Paid
    13. Drew Resele Membership Paid
    14. Ken Swartz Membership Paid
    15. Damon Brundige
    16. Ben Engel Membership Paid
    17. Jordan Krebs Membership thru july
    18. William Duffy
    19. Ryan L. Event membership
    20. Jon M. Event membership

    1. Kyle Spriggle
    2. Will Mullaly
    3. Ken Swartz
    4. Jeremy Rogers
    5. Jim Sailor
    6. Jess Yerger
    7. Hunter Lacross
    8. Alanna Web
    9. Bobby Stoel MEMBERSHIP PAID
    10. Alex K
    11. Meghan House
    12. Jim Sailor and crew
    13. "
    15. "

    Private rooms: (available by donating 40.00 if you have also paid for the event. First come first serve.)

    Earth: Danielle Darwell and company
    Fire: Frank Coyne
    Water: Kate Fierns
    Spirit: Ryan L.
    Air: Daniel B

    Cabins: ( require players to have paid. 4 are required to request a cabin)
    Dragon"common room cabin:
    Pegasus: Blythedale
    Wyvern: Gilded Claw
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  2. Hal

    Hal Newbie

    Bobby Stoel to NPC.
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  3. AKracht

    AKracht Newbie

    Alex Kracht to NPC
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  4. Kate

    Kate Newbie

    Kate Fierens to PC! Paid event and membership~
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  5. Alkalin3

    Alkalin3 Administrator Chief Technology Officer South Michigan Staff Marshal

    I'd get in the habit if preregister even if your npcing on the CMA. It'll let you identify which characters you want credited, as well as make it easier on logistics to print cards.

    This event can be found under.
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  6. I just paid for the event and also put in to reserve Fire room.
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  7. Bolli

    Bolli Newbie

    Gabe Obermayer to PC this event as Bolli!
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  8. Danny Boy

    Danny Boy Newbie

    Tonya should also be on the PC list.
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  9. kes166

    kes166 Artisan

    Ken Swartz to PC Folonius
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  10. OrmForHire

    OrmForHire Newbie

    Membership and registration paid.
    Jon Martuneac to PC as Daxos
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  11. Melimir

    Melimir Newbie Asheville Staff

    Ryan L paid to PC Melimir.
    Super Excited!
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  12. Aggravain

    Aggravain Fighter Owner HQ Staff

    Guys.. I'm so excited
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