April '19 Favorites!


It's Tuesday and no one has started this, so I guess I will :)
My game had just some amazing RP moments that I loved.

1. Tasting the rainbow, that was a fun card, the NPCs were great, Canada's enthusiasm for our enthusiasm was great. Having a leash on Coro while she stuck her face in was such a funny image. And the RP it created afterwards was great.

2. Polling the Biata about "kinky ward sex" and the looks that crossed their faces as they came up with an answer.

3. Getting asked by Amory to witness her giving a favor to Killian, and making it as embarrassing as possible.

4. Getting lectured about inspiring Tiny Cat (Lael) and then going and lecturing her ;)

5. All the budding romances, including Rumi telling Coro they loved her.

6. Conversation with Arranin about adventuring life.

7. The stare down with an undead.

8. A very intense conversation between Rumi and Coro about differing philosophies.

9. Lael calling Killian a dummy right at the end of game.


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Brent, Luke, and Kweenie provided me with the most epic RP scene I've been in as a PC in the last decade surrounding my race change. Thank you all.
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Blue Moon

1. Doing nose boots with big cat
2. Getting to use a shield
3. Getting corrupted and not having any orders, so just deciding to attack Luke
4. Walking outside, Saturday, with my hot chocolate in the middle of the battle
5. Petting the talking cat
6. Calling Killian a dummy


Asking Ulric who flubbed a ritual and thought he was an oathsworn what kind of kin Loclyn would be if he was a kin. To which he replied "I'll think about it but you should ask one of the kin". Then Thud who just race changed from a kin to an oathsworn joins the conversation. Then Bjorn another oathsworn joins us.


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There were a lot of them so some of these I will condense together.

-The Militia both as an RP element and as a fighting force are always amazing to work with and lead. You all make the game so great.

-Having my old friend Gerrick come and remind Killian about how much of a nerd he was when we first left Fethradar.

-Emotional RP with Saoirse

-I had several great RP moments with Amory this game that really cemented so much of their relationship. It was fantastic.

-Getting teased by Coro and also by Sir Travis (and several others) during the flower giving.

-The absolute terror of having a mage hunter walking about.

-The Bastian Bazaar was a lot of fun to watch. I know how much effort Jess puts into trying to come up with stuff, so it was great to see.

-Todd and Chad
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Jason Barbour

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Hanging out with a certain draconic individual in the earth circle, and watching the players get nervous/talk sh*t at us.

The drow that sneak attacked us in the circle, over and over again.

My earth caster NPC getting killed and mutilated (which he deserved)

Drinking games with a dwarf and a mousekin after the big fight Saturday night.

"Wither Drake" *drink*


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It was great to bring Arannin out and play the rogue game, especially with D and Tantarus! Some highlights:

- A fun circle fight. Special thanks to Ulric for recognizing me in for several minutes straight (and saving my butt by recognizing me out right after I went in).

- Meeting folks Arannin hadn't run into before! Lurking behind people and looking stoic and unimpressed at most of what they say is entirely too much fun.

- Talking with folks who knew Arannin from back when and giving stories about what he's been up to for the last few years.

- A "very special" talk with Killian about Amory.

- A certain blacksmith who really wanted to become Arannin's friend. It was great byplay all weekend with Braava!

- Clearing the circle with 28 seconds left to memorization.

- Claiming the Shade's body. Apologies to the player of Morridan, but he took it well. A great way to introduce that famous Dark Elf arrogance on Friday night to those who haven't experienced it lately. This also includes the followup of hunting Ben down after he tried to get out of town. "Does anyone choose to follow?" You bet I do!

Thanks for a fun event, everyone! We'll be back as the lizards next time.



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This weekend had a lot of fun RP from the NPC side, too!

- Playing Tainted on Friday night in a group of NPCs who, OOG, did NOT know what a Shade was, and being told to "Stop hiding!" which we interpreted as "go attack the PCs!"
- To that matter: "I'M SURROUNDED BY GENIUSES."
- Getting all geared up as zombies, memorizing some pretty beefy cards, and then heading out with Desecration just to have the exchange of Hivius and the journal go... smoothly?
- Todd and Chad: specifically, the look on Bevin's face when she realized how much (or how little) she was being paid, and Killian never before having heard two very common Sedovian names (;))
- "Hey, how about every time he says Wither Drake we take a drink?"
- Watching a handful of NPCs who were brand new to LARP in general absolutely kill at their first game! I hope y'all come to the next game <3


Was a fun weekend, some things I enjoyed not in any real order.

-Seeing my old friend Aranin again after so many years.
-The scowl on Panda's face as I handed her some gold I looted. Like why are you making me hold this.
-The rush to cast a ritual and march to the circle with less then a minute till reset. Sorry about the wait npcs, but we are bad at rolling ritual dice.
-Rogue games with the random human npc rogue. Damn 20 years olds so fast, but I finally got him after many ambushes on each other.
- Team rogue with Dee and Aranin.
- Rifting undead with Surprising strike. So good.
- My throwning bones and people trying to figure out why I was throwing white things at npcs.
- Not 1, but 2 good battles on sunday morning. That really made it feel like a larp day.
-Meeting new people and some old friends as well.

Hoping I can make another game later this year.


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  • The Prisoner exchange that went smoother than anyone expected
  • The angriest knighting, I swear I thought I was going to get beheaded when Hivius asked me to kneel
  • Oona and Lycos sneaking off and getting married? so now my friend is my in-law?
  • Conversations with Rumi & Coro!
  • Welcoming my new Armsman, & Elevating Bevin to my Squire! New Belts for everyone!
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Such a fun game ^.^ Thank you to NPC's and PC's alike for all the fun stories, fights, and shenanigans.

Favorites in no particular order:
  • Coming into game with a serious moment in mind, asking for help making it less awkward, and instead getting good naturedly heckled by Coro and Squire Travis.

  • Relationship building with Killian. We're so awkward.

  • Talking with Arannin again, and having numerous moments where other PC's thought he was joking about one thing or another... p.s. he was not.

  • Hearing about Arannin's "special talk" with Killian, and having that be the most strangely heart-warming moment in LARP I've ever had. {also, still not joking :| }

  • Having a few moments this gather where Amory realized she's getting cynical and a bit jaded.

  • "No, this is our friend Bob. He's a very powerful rogue!" Mage hunter shell games with Luke.

  • The prisoner exchange.... My theory is that went so well because both sides were too busy waiting for the other to ambush >.>

  • The kidnapping kitties, magic cats, liar cats, and people kidnapping themselves :|


I know it's kinda late but here goes:

☆ all interactions with Drain including her diary. Wow Barb you rock!
☆Alluvio always. Such a sweet dragon.
☆The Strategy Meeting. Thank you plot and all others who came.
☆Hengin consoling Soli after she made a mistake was nice. Sheshanka and Hava doing the same later was nice too.
☆Learning stealth from Daelion
☆The fracking talking cats. Zomgosh that was amazing rp!
☆ *throw a destroy undead at Ben's big nasty undead. Ben scoffs shaking his head.*
Ben: "taken." *big undead dies again.*
Soli: WAHOO! *jumps and throws fist in the air like a dork*