April 2017 Favorites!

Lanna Rose

First off I want to thank the Staff and NPCs for making the event as great as it was.

The site! Holy cow! It was great!

Seeing every one after such a long time was awesome. Missed you guys.

This is gonna sound awful but... watching the town get rolled was surreal. I honestly had no response to it at all.

Coming on Saturday to see everyone IG. I was so busy most of the time. It was great.

The flower mod! It was funny! Be brought the bad guys back with us! Sorry, not sorry.

Dinner was FANTASTIC!

That stupid giraffe! But the nachos were a nice touch.

Teaching Arc herbal lore and Alchemy. It was so funny.

Late night card games.

Thanks again for the awesome time th is weekend!!


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Thank you to the staff and the npcs, any event is a 2:1or closer ratio I know it's going to be tough and tough is good.

Thank you for allowing GB to secure a site in such short notice...and it was great. Hearing it was a different site day of the event I was like wtf. Then mapping it out at seeing it was 1:20 closer, I was like, hell yea and then went on the camps website to checktout the pics.
It was great to play again and have my team in full force.

I love when you have to come in and retake/take over something.

Asking the guidmistress who wrote the map. Getting a response of, "we found it off a dead scout" and me responding with, "well it sucked, maybe that's why he was dead".

Saturday going all over to familiarize ourselves with the site.
Finding notes in the woods andrit being partof the game (we have found notes before that were from other games).
Finding a baseball field and a volleyball court and the seeing a shed that didn't have a lock on it and then one of my guys yell, "jackpot" and we come running over to see it's full of equipment. Hehehe we are such kids.
A nice though fight Saturday evening andthe voice terror that when we heard it, ran and cowered like we should and eating it for the whole duration and the whole time going wtf, why are all these people still fighting. Do they think it's just a normal fear. Then after the fight finding out what was said in the hold (we were so far behind and hiding becausefof the terror that we didn't hear the hold).

Thanks again gb staff and all the npcs that showed up. Looking forward to the rest of the season and more use of this great site


I would like to start by saying thank you staff and npcs!

Was great to be playing again after about two years of not!

Great site!

Love that BF was in large numbers just to make it better!

Exploring the site with the boys and find a few notes that lead to one crazy mod!

Backing Mead in the final wave and being reminded that's why I started playing a healer in the first place!

And Sunday morning chilling arm in arm with Gilwing wait on pantherghasts(sp?)

Thanks again! Hopefully see you all at the October event!


Thank you NPCs and Staff. Amazingly good job sorting out the site problem with the speed at which you did. The new site was also pretty epic.

I got to play an Elosdi all night Friday night, with newer, fancier, ultra light weapons. Thanks Mandy, for bowing to my "I wanna be a Frogling!" needs and Cate and crew for providing ULTRA LIGHT NPC WEAPONS!!!!!

I was amused by the fact that, as an Order of the Wyld member, I missed the OotW mod, but still managed to do it because House Tranquility wandered off in the woods and discovered all the info the mod also discovered, plus some they didn't.

The Snake Guildmaster and the sheer level of disdain she and Keldar have for one another amuses me greatly. Alyssa (sp?) You're great.

I deleted an elf. Sorry green faced elf dude. I don't know your name, also sorry (not sorry) I deleted you when you got (totally didn't get) dominated.

The most polite pantherghast. "No, go ahead, put out your cig and put down your soda, I'll wait."

"Honor is something we say to make dead people feel better about themselves."

Epic game all. Thanks to everyone who was there.

EDIT: Also Giraffe Nachos.
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Thank you Staff and NPCs!

-As someone who's helped run a game, props to the staff for the epic save of changing camp sites day of.
-Birb wedding. Thank you plot for the added touch! :)
-Getting rolled Friday night and Saturday night. I know I'm not as good a fighter as I used to be but that was a wake up call. Time to get back to training.
-Bridge/Barn mod. Got the job done and get out.
-Seeing everyone again, I've missed the lot of ya!
-BAR WARS. I will gladly throw money at the both of you to keep that fight going.
-Scout and Reclaim is one of my favorite styles of game.
-Nightdeers. What a lovely hunting party.
-Plot. I know I didn't jump onto it all that strongly but I was paying attention and I think it was very well done on several fronts and can't wait to get involved in it!
-NPCs! Killed it. Absolutely killed it. Thank you for the wonderful clean fights.

See you all again soon!

Theo Zhounil

Wow. Finally starting to feel like I can move again. I had an amazing time at AGB and want to thank Staff, Doomsday for letting us use that site, and all the npcs who entertained us and cooked food for every person there. This was truly an epic start to a season. I came in feeling like a bad *** and left a bad *** with pink slime on my face. I had some favorite moments....

Some Black Forest guys showed up. Lol and then we got super rich.

Getting into the Tavern/Motel and removing all the gook surrounding basiclly everything was kinda cool. Only to take the sausage to the face the next day. Goodbye stuff. House tranquility backed me up when they didn't have to which was really cool of them to do.

Only went on one mod but it was nasty. I needed 2 life spells. That very rarely happens. I disarmed a lot of traps though and that almost always happens....succesfully ;). Great fights and great rewards.

That food was banging. I don't care what anyone thinks!!! The Tavern was awesome. And I had Burbon that wasnt Burbon. Weird but nostslgic lol. Really cool stuff.

A lot of top notch roleplaying. I really hrlps seeing others get into character. It honestly gets me more involved in the story as well. I don't dislike it. Cool people I havnt seen in a long time too. Lots of new characters but played by people who know what they are doing. This game flowed so well.

I hate giving credit where its due on other backstabs but Gebs jumped off a mountain like a ninja stealth assassin and killed a nightmare. That happened.

Some people called me a pro and I think It made me feel like I'm useful. I'm going to keep being me. Thank you for that.

Late night slaugterfest!!! I collected to so much loot! Stuff was falling out of my pockets. That flank was a nice touch.

Late night saterday just chilling with people at the comfy couchs talking bout things that transpired over the past few years. Good times.

Getting dominated and then getting undonniated so fast to then turn around and beat on the monsters so fast it made them run away. That was kinda funny. Why do i always scooby-doo run on carpets?

Sunday morning was fun since i npced something where I have to laugh and EVERYONE has to laugh with me lol

This game was great. Thanks for running. Thanks for letting me play it. I'll be back.



In no particular ranking:
-The epic win of us being able to get a site on such immensely short notice. The AMAZING turnaround on letting people know, and getting things squared away.
-Again, many many thanks to Doomsday peoples for their assistance with the new site.
-Things going sideways in exceedingly quick fashion oog, throughout the event, and it rolling perfectly through IG.
-Writing a "scout and reclaim" event which then ended up on a site I was WHOLLY unfamiliar with, as were 90% of the players. Really added to the whole thing.
-I must say. The phrase, "Where the heck did Black Forest go?" crossed my lips a few times through the event.
-Coming up into the tavern and doing a double take that there was an actual chef coat / chef hat in the kitchen. Glorious.
-The absolutely delicious food. I. Love. Shepherds. Pie. And. Cobblers.
-I was tickled, absolutely giddy evil chuckling tickled, to hear the exploding sausage go off the first time. The second time was just as sweet in hearing about it.
-The absolute rock stars who were there in NPC camp. Seriously. All, ALL of my thanks and appreciation. It truly was amazing to have you there helping us make this event go.
-Seeing the smiles on both sides of the fence means a great deal to me.
-Seeing my friends cowering in the shadows of buildings. Yesss. YEss, good.
-NEW PLAYERS! YOU ROCK! Was exceptionally happy to see you all there
-Players that want to do things, try things, find things, insult things, reach out and grab things. I greatly appreciate players that actively get involved. BY all means, my dears, I will happily take those tickets you have put your name on ;)
-"What're you looking for?" "*me rustling in the shiny baubles container* There's no way a Barran PC wedding is going to happen without a thing happening. ...These are PERFECT. *Scampers back outside*"

-I think the moment that really sticks with me the most was after the successful completion of the saturday night "wait for artifact to go" battle. Hearing the entirety of the player base absolutely roaring back at the BBG "NO EFFECT" in unison was, well. One of the most incredibly satisfying things I could hear as plot.

May this only be the beginning :)


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I think the moment that really sticks with me the most was after the successful completion of the saturday night "wait for artifact to go" battle. Hearing the entirety of the player base absolutely roaring back at the BBG "NO EFFECT" in unison was, well. One of the most incredibly satisfying things I could hear as plot.

I wouldn't say "entirety of the player base" LOL


I wouldn't say "entirety of the player base" LOL

Hahaha. I hadn't realized at the time I was lying on the ground that I would say yet again, "Where the heck is black forest?"