April 2023 Registration


Denver Staff
Due to the nature of our new contract with the site, we need full payment for ALL things 10 days before the event. Deadline: March 27

We are 18 days from Registration closing. Make sure you fill out all the information for this. The CMA and the 2.1 playtest registration site.

Second, we've updated how to register for the game. In order to register, you need to do three things:
- Register your character (or NPC-ness!) on https://db.alliancelarp.com/events/675- If PCing: Register your 2.1 build on https://beta.alliancelarp.com/events/656 (You MUST do both if you are PCing)
- Pay for the event - $85 (and/or meal plan - $30) at https://linktr.ee/alliancedenverlarp
- Do not forget to pay for the Annual Membership Fee with your first event. This is once a year and must be paid when you attend your first event of the year.
- $25 NOTE: PCs & NPCs attending their first event do not have to pay for membership. They do pay with their 2nd event fees NOTE: NPCs eat for free

Third, If you've followed the first links, you've likely seen some things about the Paths of Influence that're rolling out to ADL this season. Make sure you set up what Path you’d like

Fourth, If you are interested in getting a private cottage, please fill this form. https://forms.gle/T3xbN7NhVr93RmYu6

Remember, NPCing is free and helps us put on an amazing game! If you need to pay after the 14th when pre-registration closes, please reach out to
Ryan - cfo.alliancedenverlarp@gmail.com
Suzanne/Will- owners.alliancedenverlarp@gmail.com

Thank you all for being awesome!