April Event Favorites

Hey guys,

We'd love for everyone to share what you loved about this event... be it the food, a cool module, some awesome RP, or hot costuming... here's your chance to give props!

I'll start - Gotta give props to Josh for the amazing Rockfist sword he made. For those who didn't see it, pictures will be up soon....
Alright probably my single favorite moment to witness was when Dramthin went head to head with that big Flame Elemental the first night...

For those who didn't see this...

Full blown fighter (Dramthin) swinging 12 magic in his primary hand, all out with Paul, taking 5's from the elemental and giving hell. Chasing the elemental when it ran back into its flaming pit where saddly it healed up too fast and finally going down from the flames in the pit. Then getting a Cure Critical at range, activating a Prison on himself and getting physically thrown out of the pit by the elemental.

Oh yea not to mention the almost TTR that fight nearly ended in... 0.0

Pretty sweet 30 seconds of action.


I just have to say I had an awesome time--a HUGE thanks to the NPC's, to Paul, and all of the players for being so welcoming and tolerant of a noob :D Robbie and I had a lot of fun, and you can bet we'll be back. I have to say Friday night, the whole mod with the fire elementals, was just a blast. That was my favorite action event, then the tavern scene with the Magistrates was by far my favorite RP event.


Chicago Staff
i lubbed all the mama-drama over the Earthen Fist and the Guilds, talk about high-emo: the tension in the tavern when the Magistrates arrived was intense! i also really dug the GFW, for as evil and bad as they are i like that townspeople exist as more than extras or cardboards. it's neat. i still haven't run through the tower (thank you Lady Wet-blanket, i mean, Fallingstar ;), but that is apparently the coolest thing since sliced bread, too

thank you to Roy, Paul, Tom, Ryan, Vick, that one dude in the camos who had so much fun as a Troll (sorry i can't remember your name), everyone else i can't think of right now, for running the event, NPCing, sacrificing your body and peace of mind so we all could have a great time - ¡y'all rock!


The thing I loved the most about the weekend was the way that alternate solutions were found to most of the problems presented. This was definately the best RP oriented event I have EVER atteneded, and I've been playing since 2004. Excellent job all around.

My favorite mod was the mushroom cave, at silly hour. Favorite quote was from Josh:

"Quick out of game question: how many of your have had a 5 hour energy drink in the last 2 hours?" (3/4 of the group raises their hand)

There was so much to do, and so many things going on that the only way not to be involved was to go out of your way to not be involved.

Excellently done.


Where do I begin.

First the RP was GREAT! There was so much that I was to the point of pondering attacking people for some good ole action! I don't mean that as a criticism, I loved the amount action as well. I just went out of my way to RP as much as possible :p

Time spent with El and Thorne was fun as always, except please Tom, think about the jokes that I will have to suffer before making a phys rep :D I love me bone!

Tower = Great

Magistrates VS. Town \\ Law VS. Lurin/Order of the Earthen Fist was absolutely great!

Kevar + Dramthin + Spears + Front Lines! = Need I say more?

So many other great things that I can not think of at the moment. An all around thank you to the NPC's and Staff for all your hard work. Another round of thanks to all the PC's that made the game just that more interesting.

Thank you all and see you when I see you :p,
Brent Woodward (Kevar Byrne)


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I had fun over the event some highlights include:

Not going into the tower, although that might change because of the 'Hero'
Nuking the Saturday night plot :D
The Bone
RP with Nanashi and the Town over Lurin